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The countless number of receipt scanning apps on the internet makes it difficult to identify legit scanning apps with a good earning potential.

And since most receipt scanning sites are known for invading users with multiple ads, it’s risky to blindly trust any app that offers to pay for your receipts.

This review on CoinOut will help you determine if it’s a legit platform, a scam, or a waste of time.

Is the CoinOut App A Scam or legit?

CoinOut scanning app is legit and pays people who scan receipts on its platform. So it is not a scammy app.

As a relatively new app, CoinOut is gaining popularity in the world of receipt-scanning apps. And its recent popularity and a high number of active member speaks volume of its legit nature.

It’s easy to earn on CoinOut. Once you buy a product from any of the stores affiliated with CoinOut, you will be compensated.

In addition, reputable publications like Business Forbes, NBC, and several other popular media outlets have highlighted the reliability of CoinOut

How Do I Make Money On CoinOut


To make money from scanning receipts on CoinOut, you have to download the CoinOut app – this app is available on Android and IOS devices.

Once you have downloaded the app, proceed to register your email address to the app. Once your registration is completed, you can start scanning your receipts for money.

CoinOut only accepts receipts gotten from any of its affiliated stores. Therefore, if you want to make an online purchase, it must be made via the CoinOut app to be eligible for rewards. Once you make a purchase on the app, it will automatically verify your receipt and send the reward to your CoinOut dashboard.

To receive compensation for receipts from an in-store purchase, you must place the receipt on a flat surface and click the “SCAN” menu on the CoinOut app. Once the app verifies your receipt, you will receive a specific reward.

When scanning receipts, the store’s name, the item purchased, and the date of purchase should be visible – this makes it easy for the app to verify your receipts.

How Do I Make Purchase On CoinOut

To purchase items via the CoinOut app, you have to log into the CoinOut portal.

Once you log into CoinOut, you will find multiple stores that sell different items. First, select the merchant you want to buy from – this action will redirect you to the merchant’s official website.

Once you complete a purchase with the store, CoinOut will acknowledge your purchase and will compensate you.

Can I Earn More On CoinOut?

Yes! CoinOut provides a referral service that compensates people who refer others to the CoinOut app.

Every verified referral will earn you a cash reward. CoinOut allows its users to cash out via multiple payment options. You can withdraw your compensation via PayPal, check, or direct deposit. You can also choose to redeem your reward for gift cards.


Top 5 Receipt Scanning Apps That Pay

With a receipt-scanning app, you can earn cashback on groceries, gas, and even restaurant purchases.

While most receipt apps pay users below the minimum, few have good payment structures. They include:


Ibotta is one of the best apps for receipt scanning. It offers users a wide range of options and a high earning potential.

Ibotta pays as high as $5 for each receipt you scan on its platform. In addition, Ibotta is affiliated with many retailers, making it easy for you to get receipts it accepts.

Once you shop in any of its affiliated stores, scan the receipt and receive cashback. You can shop for groceries like milk, cereal, egg, soda, and more.

Ibotta also offers a reward program that provides a $10 bonus to new users.

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Originally, ShopKick rewards its users for walking into any of its affiliated stores.

When you walk into its partner store, all it takes to earn a reward is to turn on your location settings and Bluetooth. Its reward, known as “Kicks,” can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

But in recent years, it has expanded its rules. For example, users can now earn “Kicks” for scanning their receipt’s barcode on the app.

Once you make an online purchase in any of its partner stores, the app will automatically reward you with “Kicks.” New users are awarded 250 kicks upon the completion of their registration.

Receipt Hog

Unlike most apps on this list, Receipt Hog accepts receipts from any online and physical store. Once you scan a receipt gotten from any store, you’ll receive cashback rewards.

However, Receipt Hog only accepts receipts gotten from grocery stores.

Receipt Hog provides a game called Hog Slots to make its platform a fun place—users who upload a receipt become eligible to engage in the spin game.

Once you spin the slot machine, you can earn more rewards.


Like Receipt Hog, ReceiptPal accepts receipts of any kind. ReceiptPal will reward you once you upload your receipt to its site, regardless of what you buy and where you buy it.

Its downside is its absence of a sign-up bonus. In addition, it comes with a minimum balance policy – hence, you have to earn up to a certain amount before you’re qualified to cash out.

National Consumer Panel

This platform is a product of the joint venture between IRi and Nielsen – two of the biggest market research company in the United States.

This platform focuses on collecting consumer data in order to discover their shopping habits. So once you scan your receipts on its platform, you’ll receive reasonable rewards.

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CoinOut will compensate you for receipts that show a store name, total bill amount, date of transaction, and receipts line items with prices. Note that CoinOut does not give out compensation for ATM receipts, lotto tickets, credit cards, slips, money orders, packing slips, and more.

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