Birthday Freebie

Birthdays are special days. It’s a day to receive gifts and be happy.

Aside from receiving gifts from your friends and family, there are other places you can get free stuff on your birthday.

Here are 16 places to get birthday freebies.


Aveda is a skincare company that produces natural skin products. Joining the Aveda Pure Privilege program makes you eligible for a free $23 gift on your birthday.

You must also be a regular customer of Aveda twelve months before your birthday.

Barnes and Nobel

Joining the Barnes & Noble kids clubs is free. There is no maintenance or renewal fee for members.

This club is open to children under the age of thirteen. If your child turns thirteen, your membership will automatically be terminated.

This club offers cupcakes, cookies, Chrysa rice, and other presents to its children members.

Birthday gift

AS Bonus Program

Joining the AS bonus program makes you eligible for a free $5 voucher for your birthday.

Registration on the AS website is free and open to everyone.

Bare Minerals

If you are a makeup lover, you can sign up for this program.

This program will send you a birthday gift for being a member. It gives out make up samples as a birthday gift.

Hallmark Crown Rewards Program

When you join the Hallmark Crown Rewards program, you will receive a complimentary card and a 20% discount card

Extra Care Beauty Club

If you register in the Extra Care Beauty Club, you will receive a $3 grooming bag as a birthday present.


When you join its loyalty program, Sephora will give you a gift on your birthday. It gives makeup samples as a gift.

Smashing Box

Smashbox is a business that offers gifts to its customers. When you sign up for their reward program, you become eligible to receive beauty products as birthday gifts.

World Market Explorer

World Market Explorer is a store that sells a vast collection of home decor.

When you sign up as a member on this platform, you will get a gift on your birthday. Home decor items are usually given as gifts.


This restaurant gives out a free large order of fries to its customers. You can be eligible for these fries if you are a member of the Wingstop email club.

Zio’s Italian Kitchen

This restaurant registers its customer’s birth month and awards them with a delicious on their birthday. Every new member of this restaurant receives a free Bruschetta appetizer.


This is another restaurant that awards its new customers with one free meal. It also offers a free Nibbler on your birthday.

Spicy Pickle

This business gives out a free bag of chips to all its new members. It also offers a coupon to you on your birthday.

The Body Shop

Joining the Love Your Body Membership club makes you eligible for a $10 worth of birthday gift.


Members of the Smashbox loyalty program get a birthday present on their birthday.

Victoria’s Secret

When you subscribe to Victoria’s secret email newsletter, you will get a $10 discount coupon for any purchase you make on your birthday month

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