Ways to Get Free Christmas Present

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When we think of Christmas, we automatically think of presents/gifts. Many of us, however, are unable to buy them.

Despite the fact that Christmas is really about giving & spending time with friends and family, everyone needs at least one present to receive during the holidays.

If you’re having financial difficulties and need cash for gifts, there are several groups that provide free Christmas toys & presents to low-income families.

Where Can I Get Free Gifts for the Holidays?

If you’re looking for free presents this Christmas season, there are two amazing organizations you should look up to

Toys for Tots

This is a charity organization that provides toys to children in need.

This organization, which was founded by the Marine collects new, unopened toys and distributes them to underprivileged children during the Christmas season.

This isn’t done on a nationwide scale. You’ll need to get in touch with your local Marine charity campaign group to learn how to apply for help.

You may use the interactive map/app to find your local campaign. Choose your region from the dropdown menu option, then your closest county or city.

You’ll be sent to the Local charity page for your neighborhood. You’ll also learn how to contact the Local Action Coordinator from there.

Angel Tree Program of the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is another group that assists low-income families during the holiday season.

During the holidays, the Salvation Army offers a variety of initiatives to assist individuals in need. The Angel Tree Project is one of them.

This initiative provides clothing & toys to one million people without Christmas presents.

Where Can Low-Income Families Get Free Christmas Gifts?

The Salvation Army and Toys for Tots aren’t the only charities that can assist with Christmas presents. There are several local groups that give out free presents.

The HelpingAmericansFindHelp.org organization can help you locate non-profit groups near you that give our free Christmas presents.

Their website lists hundreds of organizations in several states that provide free holiday aids.

Arizona’s Gifts of Loving Holiday Program

“Interfaith Community Services’ Gifts of Loving Holiday Program” assists families within Tucson, Arizona region during the holidays.

During the Christmas season, it connects families in need with generous individuals, businesses, and religious partners.

Georgia’s Empty Stocking Fund

The Empty Stocking Foundation acquires brand new things via wholesale distributor agreements and distributes them to children in need.

In December, the program encourages parents/caregivers of children under the age of 12 to visit Santa’s Village & choose Christmas gifts for their children.

Illinois’ Holiday Giving Program

The Holidays Giving Program is run by the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation.

It distributes Christmas presents to thousands of underprivileged children and soldiers throughout Illinois.

Christmas Program at the Maine Seacoast Mission

Through its Christmas program, a Maine Seacoast Mission gives Christmas gifts.

Kids, the elderly, nursing facility residents, and families are all given presents.

It also hosts an “Elves Workshop” in a community center where people may choose presents for their loved ones.

Missouri’s Crosslines Holiday Center

People in Missouri can participate in a variety of holiday activities offered by the Crosslines Holiday Center.

It runs a program called “The Toystore” – This program provides brand-new gifts to children who are without Christmas presents.

To find out more about this program, visit its website.

United Way

Contacting United Approach is another way to identify local initiatives that provides free gifts around Christmas.

The coalition will be happy to put you in touch with local philanthropic groups and activities.

Participate in surveys

If you don’t mind giving your opinion, surveys are another simple method to get some additional income.

Most survey sites send money via PayPal, checks, or gift cards.

Here are a few nice survey websites to check out:

  • Vindale
  • Toluna Research
  • iPoll
  • MySurvey
  • Pinecone Investigations
  • Darwin’s Data QuickThoughts SurveySavvy
  • Opinion Rewards on Google
  • i-Say Survey by Ipsos Junkie
  • Qmee

Take a Side Job

Picking up a side job is one of the best ways to get some extra cash for presents.

A sideline gig is part-time employment that is undertaken to support your main job. You could decide to be a freelance worker.

Freelancing gives you the opportunity to decide your working hours and days.

The money you earn from side jobs can help you stretch your budget and pay for presents over the holidays.


Saving for Christmas is difficult! Fortunately, excellent charity organizations such as Toys for Tots as well as the Salvation Army are eager to assist.

If you’re having financial difficulties, you should contact one of the organizations listed above for help. And, as corny as it may seem, Christmas is about sharing time with friends and family and simply enjoying one other’s company.

So don’t be difficult on yourself for not being able to afford a present. Enjoy your time with your loved ones, and if you do need assistance with gift-giving in the year, contact one of the charities listed above.

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