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Thousands of people across the globe are drooling over Apple iPhone 6.

It’s a wonderful piece of work with lots of updates. If you can’t wait to place your hands on it, there are lots of ways to possess it at a reduced cost. It can also be gotten for free.

This article highlights the ways to get iPhone 6.

5 Ways to Get the iPhone 6 (Almost) Free

Renting it from Sprint

Do you know that you can rent an iPhone 6 from Sprint for a limited period?

Sprint enables you to access the latest model of iPhone for a $0 down payment. Some of its plan allows you to pay $20 every month for two years in order to possess any iPhone device.

If you want an iPhone that comes with an unlimited data plan, you’ll need to add $50 to the $20 you pay every month.

If you don’t have a device to trade an iPhone for, this way is cost-effective.

Selling the iPhone 5 on Amazon and receiving a compensation

This method is feasible for consumers who already possess an iPhone 5S or 5C. It prevents them from spending money when they upgrade to the latest iPhone model.

Although it sounds ridiculous, but some individuals end up getting a new iPhone by turning in their old phone to Amazon.

To get started with this method, you need to review the Amazon Electronics Trade-In Program.

Amazon will pay you $380 for a 16GB iPhone 5G with 256GB extended storage capacity. The more storage capacity your phone possesses, the higher money it attracts.

A 16GB iPhone 5C, on the other hand, will earn you about $200.

Keep in mind, though, that this method will be locked you into a 2-year agreement with Amazon.

The good thing about this Amazon trade-in program is that it allows you to retain your old iPhone while you wait for it to be exchanged.

iPhone www.paypant.com

Exchanging an outdated iPhone model for a newer one (iPhone 4S or 4) on Verizon

If you have an old iPhone model (iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S) that you want to exchange for the latest iPhone model, you can put it up in any Verizon shop closest to you.

Verizon is willing to give $200 in exchange for your old iPhone model. In addition to the $200, Verizon will provide you with the latest iPhone model but will tie you down with a two-year contract.

Consider using T-Mobile

T-Mobile offers a trade-in service just like Sprint and Verizon.

This company provides lesser trade-in offers, thereby making them different from competitors.

In addition, they offer $50 more than their competitors.

Buying the iPhone 6 from Walmart

If you don’t have an old iPhone model to exchange for a new iPhone 6, this method will work for you.

Go to Walmart and enquire about the price of the new iPhone 6. Walmart sells iPhones at a very low price. The iPhone 6 Plus goes for $279 rather than the standard price of $299.

In Walmart, iPhone 6 sells at $179 rather than $199.

Apple products never come with a discount. So take old of this discount offered by Walmart.

If you physically buy an iPhone 6 from Walmart, Walmart will grant you a $15 e-gift card in addition to the device.

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