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The Wounded Warrior Project donation, also known as WWP, is a charitable organization with the aim to assist wounded veterans and soldiers.

However, it has recently been accused of carrying out fraudulent activities and providing a meager amount to the individuals they claim to support.

Many have accused the organization of giving out cents to charitable causes. This article has conducted research on WWP, and here’s the conclusion.

What Does Charity Navigator Think?

Charity Navigator is an organization that monitors the activities of charitable organizations. During the investigation on WWP, it was discovered that WWP had a perfect score of 86%.

Hence, it cannot be classified as a fraudulent organization. The charity organization has concluded that WWP is a transparent foundation and operates in a manner that is compliant with the standard established by the IRS.

In 2013, the organization raised a total of $234,682,943. More than 91 million dollars were distributed for charitable courses, and the remaining 76 million dollars were placed in reserve.

Wounded Warrior Project www.paypant.com

Is WWP against the Anti-gun Movement?

Wounded Warrior Project has collaborated with hunting clubs and other organizations that promote outdoor activities. It is not against the Anti-gun Movement.

Wounded Warrior Project is in support of the constitution of the United States of America. It is not against the first and second Amendments on guns.

For many years, Wounded Warrior Project had been known for showing support to activities that involve firearms. It is also known for sponsoring and receiving donations for courses related to firearms and sports.

Is the wounded warrior project anti-religion?

Not at all. Wounded Warrior Project is not an anti-religion organization. It has never wavered in its commitment to upholding the constitution of the United States of America.

Members of the Wounded Warrior Project are wounded veterans and soldiers, hence WWP understands that it should protect the freedom its members risked their lives for.

Wounded Warrior Project is known for registering religious-based events. It also received funds from religious organizations.

Does WWP Sell Magazines Door-to-door, or Outside of Grocery Store

Most times, WWP members engage in the selling of magazines. They stay outside of grocery stores. They do this in order to solicit help on behalf of other WWP members.

When carrying out this act of solicitation, WWP members will do the following – wear a badge, lanyard, or a fundraiser photo ID to identify themselves as a genuine WWP member.

When receiving donations during solicitation periods, the WWP members do it via a secure iPad or phone call using a credit card. Any members accepting cash donations could be engaging in fraudulent acts.

Nevertheless, WWP members do not go door-to-door to ask for donations. There are third parties in areas like Dallas, San Antonio, and Charlotte that accept face-to-face fundraising.

Contact [email protected] if you encounter a person parading as a Wounded Warrior Project member.

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