Human Guinea Pig

Getting paid to be a Guinea pig sounds ridiculous! However, it’s an excellent way to make money that can settle your debts, increase your savings, and stops you from living paycheck to paycheck.

What is a Human Guinea Pig?

A human guinea pig is a person whose body is used for scientific experiments. In most cases, people, who volunteer to become a human guinea pig, have their bodies tested to discover the effect of a drug on humans.

4 Legit Ways to Get Paid to be a Human Guinea Pig

Sign Up for Medical Trials

The financial benefits of participating in medical trials is huge. However, the amount you get paid depends on where you reside and what kind of medical research institutions are nearby.

As a human guinea pig, you’ll have to evaluate a medical cream, give feedback on the taste of different medications, or try out newly formulated medications.

To become a human guinea pig, you have to sign up for medical trials. However, finding medical institutions with the need for a human guinea pig can be a demanding task.

Sites like provides you with a global just of both federally and privately funded clinical trials.

The information on this site can enable you to find and sign up for medical trials. This site also provides information on clinical procedures, sponsorship disclosure, safety regulations, oversight boards, and other useful information to get you started.


This site enables UK-based residents to locate medical institutions in need of a human guinea pig. It also provides all the pieces of information you need to get started.

Guinea Pigs Get Paid

Similar to other sites on this list, GuineaPigGetsPaid is a site that provides all the information you need to locate and try out your first human guinea pig experience.

Contact Local Universities

Most medical research students are in need of people to act as human guinea pigs for their research. You can contact your local Universities and tell them of your intentions.

Human guinea pig

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Guinea Pigs Test Subjects?

Guinea Pigs are used as medical test subjects due to their biological similarities to humans. Guinea Pigs are valuable in scientific investigations. They have been used in place of humans for centuries.

What does human guinea pig mean?

When someone is used as a test subject, and when something that has never been tried on humans before is tested on them, that person gets called a Human Guinea Pig.

Why is a Tester Called a Guinea Pig?

In the 17th century, guinea pigs were used in biological experiments. Since this became a popular practice in the 19th and 20th centuries, anything used for medical experiments gets the name of a Guinea Pig.

What is Guinea Pigging?

Guinea Pigging is the act or practice of putting oneself or someone to an experimental or dubious medical examination.

Can you make a living off clinical trials?

The majority of clinical trials allow you to get paid for travel and study-related activities you perform. Most clinical trials pay between $75 and $4,500 to participants.

Is ClinicalTrials Gov legit?, a clinical trial registry, is legit. It is managed by the National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NLM) and is the biggest clinical trials database, with registrations for over 329,000 studies from 209 nations.

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