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Coupon codes allow consumers to cut costs on a series of products without affecting the quality of the products purchased. It’s more like getting a premium product at a discounted rate. Although getting coupon codes for a specific product can be described as difficult at times, it’s often worth it, especially when you finally find what you’re looking for. At any price, coupon codes are a great way to cut costs.

Coupon codes help you meet your shopping budget and save extra (up to 90%). So, consider trying coupon codes on your next shopping trip. Here are the 11 best coupon sites in 2023 you can use to save extra while shopping.

1. Rakuten

Formerly known as Ebates, Rakuten is one of the biggest coupon sites on the internet. Not only will you save money using this app, but you’ll also earn cash! In addition, you can leverage their cash-back offer of 3% to 10% on products from over 1000 online retailers.

You can find cash-back in all its forms on Rakuten, including cash-back offers for purchases made through over 2000 other sites and cash-back when shopping in-store. Even more, they have regular double and triple cash-back events even during the main holiday seasons.

Furthermore, Rakute has a Chrome browser extension that regularly updates you when the website you’re following offers cash back. With this, you can easily incorporate their deals into your shopping schedule instead of needing to actively check the site regularly.

2. Amazon Coupons

You must’ve heard of Amazon and all the amazing deals they offer. But do you know they also give coupon offers? The site is renowned for its year-round deals as well as Cyber Monday and Black Friday promotions. However, you can get coupons here for products on Amazon only.

Nonetheless, as one of the world’s largest marketplaces, Amazon can always find products you’re looking for and use their coupons to purchase. They also offer other manufacturers’ coupons on products via the site. However, note that some of the deals are only available for Amazon Prime customers.


Founded in 1998, is one of the best coupon sites you can find out there! The company is famous as one of the first online couponing companies. It currently has an estimated value of 1 billion dollars and is run by Quotient Technology, a company skilled in digitalization.

Its years of existence have introduced a variety of digital coupons available for online and physical retailers. Similarly, you can find thousands of deals for almost anything you want to buy, including groceries, household products, clothes, and cosmetics.

In addition, users can link their credit cards to the site to earn cash-back rewards. It also allows you to print your coupons for use in-store or online. More so, has a user-friendly app on Android and iOS where you can easily find amazing deals on coupons, cash-back, discounts, and other related offers!

4. PayPal Honey

As the name implies, PayPal Honey is a coupon app owned by PayPal. The company, acquired by PayPal in 2020, has a browser extension for Chrome that enables users to use the existing coupon websites out there instead of providing them with yet another database.

Additionally, Honey helps automate finding coupons by searching for the best but latest coupon or promo code. It’ll also ensure that you don’t use expired coupons.

Honey is perfect for those interested in couponing but isn’t prepared to put in the extra time required. And if you’ve experienced couponers but want an additional check, this platform, available on Android and iOS devices, is great for you!

5. DealNews

DealNews isn’t just about coupons and discounts; you can find other amazing deals on the app where you can also earn. However, the platform is primarily focused on consumer technology, apparel, equipment, and home improvement items.

So as you use the app to save money on your grocery shopping, you can also find a goldmine for great deals within this niche. Besides, you don’t need to keep searching for deals, as they’ll update you as soon as a new offer is available. Their sweepstakes program offers you the chance to win up to $1,000!

6. is another coupon app similar to It is an internet dinosaur domain bought in 2003 for close to $2 million, making it one of the most expensive domains in history. offers a variety of items, from groceries to printable, flights, and online coupons. In addition, it offers local deals similar to Groupon and sales circulars for big retailers, which help plan shopping tips and contributes to a community of savers.

So, it’ll be an excellent idea to check out before shopping, as it has many coupon codes for brand and store coupons. Moreover, the app available on Android and iOS has an easy search box to check for offers, or you can easily browse by category.

7. Swagbucks

Most people recognize Swagbucks as a survey site, but it’s far more than that. Swagbucks also offers other amazing ways to make and save money, such as coupons. With this app, you can save up to 50-90% on n your everyday shopping.

The main idea is that you can earn ‘Swagbucks’ in several ways. The common one is by completing surveys, but you can also make money by printing off coupons and shopping via their online portal. After accumulating Swagbucks, you can use them towards gift cards or cash-back.

One of the big advantages Swagbucks has over similar apps is the $20 reward you get from simply signing up. And if you refer your friend, you’ll earn additional Swagbucks each time they earn. Their offer is pretty nice! You can download the Swagbucks apps on Android or iOS devices.

8. SlickDeals

As the name suggests, SlickDeals is a platform that offers consumers coupons using slick deals. Similar to Entertainment Coupon Book, the site operates as a community that allows others to share their coupons.

The good thing about the platform is that coupons are scored based on votes provided by users. So it’s relatively hard for a bad coupon code to make it to the top, and it discourages users looking for reasonable discounts.

9. is yet another top online coupon site where you can find coupon codes and amazing deals at your favorite retailers. Additionally, you can find trending deals daily on the site, and when you navigate across the top, you’ll find other savings options.

In addition to traditional coupons, you can save on, including getting cash-back or a discount when purchasing gift cards. In addition, they have the latest gift card deals, including Starbucks, Lowes, and Sephora. also offers a RxSaver option to compare prices while saving money at the pharmacy.

10. Tada

Tada is a Coupon app similar to Rakuten, where you can earn money back for online shopping. However, you’ll have to sign up for a free account on their websites to access their impressive deals. And to get cash-back, log in and click on the link to the store you want to shop at via the Tada website.

Furthermore, the site offers online coupons and discounts, which you can combine with cash-back offers to earn more! The platform presents a great way to double your savings without little effort. Another way to receive cash back is by participating in paid online surveys on the site. However, you can only withdraw your earnings once you’ve accumulated $20 via PayPal, direct check, or an Amazon gift card.

11. Groupon

Groupon stands as one of the best coupon sites to get deals on entertainment, restaurants, beauty and spa services, and other related events in your area. The platform also offers discounts on travel, including vacation packages, hotels, and even tours around popular destinations in the world.

In addition to local deals, the site also offers coupons to thousands of in-store and online stores. Some of the places you can find discounts include Amazon, The Home Depot, Blue Apron, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart. With all these local deals, Groupon is an incredible place to save on your monthly entertainment budget.

What Do Coupon Codes Do?

Coupon codes enable customers to cut costs on various products without affecting the quantity or quality of the products purchased. It’s more like buying a premium product at a discounted rate.

Although finding coupon codes for specific products can be a handful at times, it is generally worth it if you finally find what you’re looking for. At any rate, coupon codes are a great way to cut down on costs.

Coupon codes are quite similar to printed coupons that give you a discount on your total purchase. The only difference is that instead of printing the coupon, you’ll receive a coupon code that you can make use of when checking out online.

You can find a field for coupon codes checking out on most websites. You can insert the coupon code in the designated field and simply click enter to apply it to your purchase. Ensure you follow all the listed requirements, or else the coupon code might not work.

Types Of Coupon Codes

Coupons come with varieties of codes, with each having its various uses. However, you first have to consider the discount amount and, of course, the terms required to use them before selecting any. Here are the common types of coupon codes.

Manufacturer’s Coupons

Manufacturers’ coupon codes are given by companies producing a product. These codes typically apply to stores that sell that product, provided they allow purchases with coupons.

Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons

As the name suggests, these types of coupons are printed from the manufacturer’s website. So it’s more like a certificate you take to a store that makes you eligible to receive discount offers on a product.

Store Coupons

Store coupons are a type of coupon code given by retail stores. However, the coupon codes are typically only attached to products available in the store.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To 11 Best Coupon Sites to get discounts.

What Is The Most Trusted Coupon Website?

Rakuten, Swagbucks, Ibotta Groupon, and Amazon coupons are the main trusted websites where you can find valid coupon codes.

These sites have been in the business for many decades without any major complaints and, therefore, can be trusted! Others include, RetailMeNot, and BeFrugal.

What Is The Best Online Coupon Site?

Rakuten and Amazon are some of the best sites where you can find coupons. This site offers coupons on virtually all products, including electronics, household products, equipment, etc. In addition, there are legit and reliable, with good customer ratings. Other decent coupon sites include, SlickDeals, Tada,, and PayPal Honey.

How To Get Legit Coupons?

You can get legit coupons by checking renowned websites such as RetailMeNot, Coupon Cabin, Amazon, DealsPlus, Rakuten, and Slickdeals. These sites work to collaborate with thousands of retailers and, brands, companies, as well as user submissions, to bring sales and codes. At RetailMeNot, for example, all codes are tested, verified, and approved before publication.

Is It Safe To Get Coupons Online?

Yes, it is completely safe to get coupons online. However, beware because some discount codes can be fake! And instead of receiving coupon rewards, you might spend more money than you intended. Also, some coupon codes may be invalid online and only work at specific times or in certain stores. So, it’s crucial to be cautious when using coupon codes and to check their validity before using them.

What Are The Disadvantages of Online Coupons?

One of the cons of using coupons for business owners is that they cost them money and may, therefore, lead to lower profit for sales. And for the customers, some coupon codes can be rejected and deemed invalid even when you get them from a legit source. Likewise, there’s also the chance of falling victim to online coupon frauds, where you’ll lose money instead of earning.

Coupons are a great way to save money when purchasing items. With a coupon site, you can find good deals on everything from groceries to electronics and everything in between.

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