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If you’re a savvy businessperson, you’ve probably realized that money can be made in the used ink cartridge market.

After all, more than 1 billion cartridges go into landfills yearly, both bad for the environment and a missed opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs like yourself.

But what if you could turn them into cash instead of throwing out your old cartridges or recycling them (which isn’t profitable)? And what if I told you that doing so would help reduce waste and save money on new ink cartridges down the road?

Well, it’s true. In fact, according to GreenPop, one ton of recycled plastic bottles can generate up to $30,000 worth of product—and this same principle applies when selling used ink cartridges.

Sell Ink Cartridges to Recycling Companies.

If you have many used ink cartridges, you can sell them to recycling companies. These companies will pay you for your used ink cartridges and the materials inside the cartridge. The recyclers will pay you for:

  • The plastic from which the cartridge was made
  • The metal from which the cartridge was made
  • The ink that is inside of it

Sell Them to Evolve Recycling

Evolve Recycling will buy your used ink cartridges. All you have to do is mail them in, and they’ll send you a check or PayPal payment within 60 days.

Evolve accepts all brands of ink cartridges except Brother, so if your printer uses other brands, this may be a good option for you! They pay the most for H.P. ink cartridges—as much as $4 each—and the least for Brother and Canon ink cartridges—around $3 each.

Sell to Dazz-Cycle.

Another way to make money from your old cartridges is by selling them to a Dazz-Cycle company.

Dazz-Cycle buys used printer cartridges and pays for them with a check or a gift card that can be cashed out. Buying and selling with Dazz-Cycle is very simple, as they have an online system where you can upload pictures of your cartridges and fill out the necessary information about what you want to sell.

You’ll be asked if you want a check or gift card mailed out to you, which takes 2–3 weeks after they receive your package containing the used cartridges (you must mail your package with tracking).

To mail in your packages, use the free shipping label on their website when filling out the order form! All packaging materials must be included for the safe delivery of products, so make sure not to forget anything like bubble wrap or cushioning peanuts before sealing them up tight.

Set up a booth at a flea market.

Setting up a booth at a flea market is one of the most popular ways to sell used ink cartridges. You’ll get to meet people from all over, and you might even make some good friends.

The only downside is that you’ll have to do all the work yourself, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to get out there and meet new people, this is a great way.

This option might be right for you if you’re interested in selling your used ink cartridges at craft fairs or car boot sales. It’s also possible to set up yard sales or collectible show booths.

Sell to UsRecycleInk.

If you’re not ready to part ways with your used ink cartridges, there’s another option: sell them to a recycling company. UsRecycleInk is one such company that buys used ink cartridges from people online. The process is simple:

  • Sign up for an account on the site and set up a free P.O. box address for your shipment to arrive at
  • Send  your used cartridges in their original packaging (or recycle them at one of our drop-off locations)
  • Once receive your package and confirm it’s full of good quality empty ink cartridges (they should not be damaged or leaking), we’ll send you payment via PayPal.


If you’re selling your empty ink cartridges, NEEDEMPTY is one of the best places to do so. They’ll pay actual cash for your used cartridges and offer a recycling program for schools and other organizations.

NeedEMPTY will buy any brand of empty cartridge, including H.P. and Canon. They pay $3 per cartridge or more depending on its brand, its condition, how much ink was left inside when it was removed from its printer, etc.

You can sell as many as you like at once; they won’t charge you anything extra for shipping them in bulk either

Sell to STS INKS.

STS INKS is an online retailer of ink cartridges and toners. They have a wide range of products, from printer supplies to office furniture and corporate gifts.

They also offer a special deal for used cartridges—you’ll get $1 per cartridge on top of their regular price when you bring them in. This makes it easy to sell your old ones while simultaneously making extra money.

STS INKS has many payment options, including cash or check, PayPal, and credit cards (Visa/MasterCard). The site even gives you a chance to pay with Bitcoin!

If you’re worried about sending sensitive information over email or being scammed by someone impersonating a company like this one, rest assured that they offer secure checkout using 256-bit encryption technology as well as third-party trust seals like McAfee Secure seal as confirmation that your data will remain private during the transaction process itself.

Refill Them Yourself

If you’re familiar with how to refill ink cartridges and can do it yourself, there are several ways that you can make money off of your efforts.

You can use a syringe to inject the ink into the cartridge. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry—it’s not as hard! All you have to do is remove the top of the cartridge and clean out any old or clogged ink inside with a Q-tip.

Then, all that remains is finding an empty syringe (most drugstores sell them), placing one end into an open bottle of ink, and filling it with some new ink from said bottle. Insert your blunt needle into one end of your used cartridge and slowly push down on its plunger until nothing more comes out—and voila.

A full (and now reusable) cartridge for another person who needs their printer fixed quickly and cheaply.

Sell Used Ink Cartridges on eBay.

eBay is a great place to sell used ink cartridges. It could be a quick way to make some extra cash if you have a bunch of old ink cartridges still in good condition.

To sell them on eBay, scan the bar codes of each cartridge using the app and set up automatic listings. You can also use this site to sell other items as well.

Turn Unwanted Ink Cartridges into Cash Vouchers or Free Gifts.

Selling your used ink cartridges to a recycling company is one of the best ways to make money.

Any old computer accessories lying around, such as mice and keyboards, can be sold through online portals like eBay or Craigslist, and this will help you eliminate them while also making some cash in return.

Some companies that deal with used products also accept ink cartridges as part of their offerings; if this is the case for you, it’s worth checking out.

Another excellent way to make money with your old printer supplies is by selling them to someone who will pay a decent amount for these items or even give you gift cards in return for their purchase.

For example, Ink4Less offers $5 discount coupons when buying an ink cartridge from their website using PayPal – which means if someone buys an item from their site using PayPal (and operates one of those coupons), they can get 5% off their purchase price.

Sell Them to is an online store that buys used ink cartridges and other printer supplies. They pay r prices and have a fast turnaround.

They also offer environmentally friendly shipping options, so you can be sure your used cartridges are recycled safely.

This company is based in the U.S., so make sure you follow the laws for selling your used items if you’re outside of the country.

Get a Retailer Credit score.

If you’ve got a stockpile of old printer ink cartridges and are looking for somewhere to unload them, consider visiting your local office supply store. There are two ways that retailers can make money from your used printer ink cartridges:

  • Retailer credit
  • Cash or gift card for your used cartridges

Canon ink cartridges

Canon ink cartridges are small, cylindrical items that fit into your Canon printer. They contain the ink that allows you to print documents, photos, and other images.

The most significant benefit of using Canon ink cartridges is that they are good value for money. They cost less per page than some competitors’ products, so you can print more pages for less money.

They also last longer than some competitors’ products, which means fewer replacements and less time spent replacing them after use.

Canon Ink Catridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are cartridges more profitable than printers?

The reason cartridges are more profitable than printers is because the profit margin on cartridges is much higher. This is because they contain a lot of ink and can be used in multiple machines. Also, they tend to be less expensive than printers, even though they cost more per unit to buy.

What can you do with leftover printer ink?

Make art with it! If there are still plenty of colors left in your cartridge but not enough for regular printing, try making some art with it instead! You could experiment with different colors on paper or fabric or even write something nice on a postcard for someone special in your life.

Are empty toner cartridges worth anything?

Yes, empty toner cartridges are worth something. The components inside the cartridges can be recycled and reused, which helps reduce waste. It also saves money in the long run because recycling is cheaper than buying new materials.

Does Costco take old ink cartridges?

Yes, Costco does take old ink cartridges. Indeed, many of the big box stores that sell printers and other office supplies will not accept used ink cartridges—they will only accept new ones. But Costco is different.

According to their website, they do accept used cartridges and even provide a mail-in recycling program for them (although you have to pay for shipping). They also have drop-off locations in some locations where you can bring up to five cartridges per visit.

Why is black ink so expensive?

The main reason black ink is so expensive is that it’s the most commonly used color. This means that manufacturers have to make a large number of batches to satisfy the demand for black ink, which increases costs.

Black also has more variables than other colors, so it takes longer to produce. The pigments must be mixed at different ratios to achieve the desired shade of black, making it more difficult to produce than other colors.

Can waste ink be reused?

Yes, waste ink can be reused. Although the question of whether waste ink can be reused is a simple one, the answer requires some explanation. Waste ink is the term used to describe the fluid that is expelled from your printer when you run out of ink. This fluid is not actually waste—it’s just leftover ink and other components of your printer’s operation.

Can I recycle ink cartridges at Target?

Yes, you can recycle ink cartridges at Target. Target offers its own printer ink cartridges, which are compatible with many popular brands of printers. These are sold in stores and online and can be returned to Target for recycling.

In addition to recycling their own ink cartridges, Target also accepts other brands of empty ink cartridges, including those made by HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson.


Hopefully, this guide has given you the confidence to sell your used ink cartridges. It’s not a complex process, and many options are available. Just remember that selling them can be lucrative, and it helps the environment at the same time.

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