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Last updated Nov. 7, 2022 by Peter Jakes

Budget blogs are your number one source of free resources to improve your financial life and make better money decisions. In addition, learning about budgeting as another part of finance has been made easier through the content shared on budget blogs.

There are several financial blogs to learn about budgeting online. While most of them aren’t certified professional financial counselors, they still share practical and effective tips that have worked for them and some of their readers with you to learn from.

So, if you need to learn more about budgets and finances in general, we will provide you with the best budget blogs you should follow. Then, all you need to do is sit back, relax and continue reading.

What Are Budget And Examples?

A budget is a document written to predict the earnings and expenditures of an individual, group, family, or business. And having a budget makes it easy to track your spending so you can know where your money is going and prevent wasteful spending.

Examples of budgets include personal budgets, government budgets, and corporate budgets.

A budget consists of your fixed and variable expenses, so all expenses can fit into the categories to simplify things.

A budget can include your insurance, housing, groceries, transportation, utilities, etc.

How To Make A Blog For Free

Creating a free blog will allow you the means to share your content with others without worrying about money.

There are many options to choose from. Options include a free version of WordPress.com and a HubSpot free version which you can use for blogging. Google also has a free blogging platform, Blogger, that you can use for blogging.

The only thing with these free blogging platforms is their limited customization and their few monetization features. But they’re good options for a personal blog and are very easy to maintain.

Budget In Accounting

Budget in accounting means a financial statement showing a business evaluated income and expenditures for a specific period based on the business’s plans and goals. It could be a short-term or long-term budget.

There are different types of budgets. But the general purpose of a budget is for a business to monitor its performance and know its operational costs.

How Do I Create A Budget Blog?

You can utilize the steps below to create a budget blog.

  • Choose a name that will accurately represent your budget blog.
  • Select your preferred blogging platform and sign up for hosting.
  • Install the essential plugins and choose a theme to design your website.
  • Start creating and publishing content regularly to build an audience.

Does Starting A Blog Cost Money?

Starting a blog costs money, especially if you want to make money from it. That is because you will need to acquire a paid blogging platform subscription, web hosting, domain name, and website template or theme.

It’s pretty inexpensive to start a blog. But if you’re looking to expand, you will need to spend more money as time goes on.

How Do You Grow A Financial Blog?

After starting a blog, the next step is to grow it so you can get visitors to make monetizing easy. Listed below are steps to take to increase your financial blog.

  • Use content research tools to ensure you’re creating content that’s in demand.
  • Optimize your posts for search engines. You can do this yourself if you have SEO knowledge, or better still, hire a professional if you have got the money.
  • Optimize your website to make it user-friendly and exciting to keep old and new readers coming back to your blog.
  • Promote your blog online using social media. Pinterest is an excellent social media channel to promote your new and old blog posts. You can also post teasers of your latest blog post across your social media accounts to attract potential readers.

The Budget Mom

The Budget Mom is a blog that provides you with almost everything you need to know about personal finance and guides you through achieving your financial goals for a better future.

The blog shares tips on frugal living as well as money-saving and management tips. And it also features financial quizzes and printables to make budgeting and your economic life much more fun.

Some Top 20 Budget Blogs You Should Be Following

There are quite a several budget blogs online, but we’ve outlined the best 19 you should be following to improve your financial life significantly.

Let’s get started.

Inspired Budget

The inspired Budget blog is created to teach you about effective budgeting strategies that would work even if you’re just starting. On this budget blog, you will find many ways to save money irrespective of age and start preparing yourself for a better financial future.

The inspired Budget blog has free resources and tools to learn how to invest wisely.

And to make your financial life more manageable and stress-free, you will also find out the essential money tools you need on the site.

If you love listening to podcasts, the Inspired Budget has one, too, where it shares budgeting, money-saving, and investing tips you can learn from.

Belief In A Budget

Belief In A Budget is another budget blog you should follow to take control of your finances by setting a realistic budget. Kristin founded this budget blog, and it’s been featured on popular sites like U.S.News, CBSNEWS, and many others.

This blog shares budgeting tips as well as interesting challenges to help you stick to your budget and make things more fun.

Belief In a Budget blog is much more than a regular budget blog. Instead, it shares working money-saving tips to ensure you’re saving as much money as possible at any time. All while still sharing several side hustles you can pick up to get multiple income streams and live the life you want.

The Frugal Toad

With your smartphone and internet connection, there are so many ways you can educate yourself on finance so you can take better control of your finances. And The Frugal Toad is one blog that provides you with free and helpful resources to ensure you’re living the best life you can without spending lavishly.

You can get a lot of information on this blog, including money-saving tips, frugal living, credit cards, home loans, travel, and leisure on a budget.

In addition, you’ll also love the way the blog makes learning about personal finance so easy and hassle-free.

The Busy Budgeter

The Busy Budgeter is also a blog you should follow if you want to start budgeting. This budget blog provides you with all the resources you need for an easy budgeting process.

And while it’s generally known that budgeting is easier planning than actually sticking to it, Rosemarie from the blog came up with a 90-Day Budget Boot Camp to share strategies with you to ensure that you stick to your budget.

Aside from the financial aspect of this blog, The Busy Budgeter also provides you with home organization and management tips as this affects your overall financial wellness.

There are also free resources in meal planning on a budget as well as making extra cash doing exciting things.

Living Richly On A Budget

This should be your go-to budget blog if you’re looking to live your life getting the things you need and desire yet still within your budget. Following this blog, you will discover several ways to cut costs and tips on making and saving money.

You also get free printables to use for budgeting and resources to guide you through creating and sticking to your budget.

Another thing about this blog is that aside from the budgeting tips, you can also get healthy food recipes and restaurants worthy so you can eat well at home while on a budget. If you’re into trying out different recipes and would love to save some cash while at it, then you should probably check out this blog for tips.

Money Saving Mom

Money issues aren’t something you will have as a family if you follow the Money Saving Mom blog. So instead, this budget blog shares with you effective money-saving and budgeting tips to ensure you’re on the right path to your financial freedom.

Another unique feature you will love about this blog is that it also shares the hottest online and store deals available, so you can minimize the cost and earn shopping for clothes, kitchens, homes, electronics, and your kids.

On this blog, you also get practical tips for shopping grocery on a budget and tips on budget recipes and coupons.

Making Sense Of Cents

As funny as it may sound, Making Sense Of Cents is another top-budget blog you should be following for money-making and saving tips.

A Finance MBA graduate runs this personal finance blog. And on the blog, you will discover many fun and interesting ways to go about budgeting and saving money for a better financial life.

The blog has been featured on popular websites and has received several awards and mentions to prove to you that it’s worth following for budgeting and saving tips.

If you’re looking to make extra cash online, this blog certainly is also perfect.

The Clever Girl Finance

One of the best financial websites, especially where women can get budgeting and saving tips, is The Clever Girl Finance. TCGF, founded by Bola Sokunbi, is a top-pick blog to get incredibly free resources that will improve your financial life.

The budget blog shares tips for budgeting, saving, investing, and general financial wellness. Additionally, you can enjoy excellent video content if you prefer, and it also has a podcast that you can listen to for you to get better control of your finances.

Furthermore, the site also has got online personal finance courses and books, all to make your journey worthwhile while providing the guidance you need through your financial freedom journey.


The LogicalDollar is another top-budget blog. Anna Barker, the founder of LogicalDollar, is a certified money nerd that has taken to sharing the effective money management strategies that have worked for her on the blog and answering any financial questions you might have. It’s one of the blogs that comprehensively share budget tips, methods, and tools to guide you through budgeting.

This blog also shares free budget printables, planners, and worksheets to make budgeting easier and more fun.

And aside from budgeting guides, you can also learn how to start investing in this blog and how you can earn more money to invest in your future and get rid of debts.

Budgets Are Sexy

BAS is a budget blog created in 2008 to share information about money, minimalism, and lifestyle design. The blog has been doing pretty well so far and is one of the best budget sites you should follow for budgeting tips.

Budgets Are Sexy blog aims to provide you with accurate and sufficient information to make plans for your money and make intelligent financial decisions that will boost your economic confidence.


Alexis, the founder of Fitnancials, enjoys making money, saving it, and helping women like herself achieve their financial goals. She has been doing pretty well on her blog as Fitnancials is one of the best budget blogs many individuals recommend as the one you should follow.

It’s easy to find many things in this blog to assist in your financial life, from money-saving tips to tips on paying off your debt in interesting ways and sharing side hustles you can take up to make extra cash.

Looking up Fitnancials to get efficient and engaging budgeting and money-saving tips would be best.

The Budget Mom

You can add The Budget Mom to the list of blogs you should follow for financial and budgeting tips. On this blog, you will find resources on setting a realistic budget and sticking to it, achieving your financial goals, and spending money on essential things rather than wasteful spending.

With Budget Mom, you get financial advice and resources from an accredited financial counselor, Kumiko Love, who doubles as the blog’s founder. You can also enjoy the blog’s YouTube channel.

The Budget Mom also features digital products, including budget planners, printables, and online courses to assist you at every stage of your financial freedom journey.

Simple Thrifty Living

Simple Thrifty Living is one of the best blogs to get budgeting tips for a better financial life. This finance blog is fully packed. Not only do you get budgeting tips, but you also get accurate information about investing, loans, insurance, credit cards, money-saving tips, and other personal financial tips.

Another thing you will love about this finance blog is how it’s structured to make it easy to get information about any financial topic of your interest.

So, this might be the budget blog that’s suited ideally for you. You might want to check it out.

Penny Pinchin Mom

Penny Pinchin Mom is your go-to blog for budgeting tips, saving money, and getting rid of debts. It is one of the best budget blogs, especially if you have got a family and are considering creating a budget and planning your financial goals to achieve your future move goals.

There are a lot of benefits to gain from this blog site. Penny Pinchin Mom blog has got a coupon-and-deal section that shares ongoing deals that you can take advantage of to save money.

There are also DIY tips, home management, meal planning, and parenting tips to cater to the overall wellness of the family and minimize impulsive spending.

The Savvy Couple

The Savvy Couple is a finance blog that guides families through their financial freedom journey. If you’re looking for a budget, money-making, and saving strategies for your family to live a better life, then you might want to start following The Savvy Couple.

This finance blog provides you with all that’s needed to create a budget, stick to it, and crush your financial goals. It also reviews the best budgeting apps you can use for budgeting and provide you with digital budget planners and printables to approach budgeting interestingly.

The blog has been featured on notable websites like Forbes, Yahoo!, USA TODAY, and many others. Like I said earlier, the Savvy Couple is a blog for you to follow for budgeting tips, especially if you’ve got a family.

Penny Hoarder

Penny Hoarder is a financial blog that you should follow if you’re looking to know how to budget, budgeting tips, essential budgeting apps, and everything you need to know about budgeting.

This blog has all the resources you need to simplify budgeting, even for beginners.

So, following this blog is much more than learning about budgeting and tips that work. On this blog, you find out about the distinct ways you can make and save money and pay off your debts.

Another thing about this blog is that you can learn practically everything you need about finance, including insurance, investing, and many others.

Living Well, Spending Less

Living a good life doesn’t necessarily mean spending much more than necessary, which is why you should follow the Living Well, Spending Less blog.

This budget blog does this by sharing with you simple systems for home management to ensure you spend less time or money on unnecessary things. On this blog, you get easy, delicious, budget-friendly meals, home organization, and money-saving tips. You also get tips on living an overall healthy and productive life.

The Clever Dude

Clever Dude, as the name implies, is one of the best budget blogs you should follow to learn budgeting tips, tricks, and strategies that will improve your financial life.

On Clever Dude, you find out new and exciting ways to save money, get budget-friendly meals, and practical tips for your family to live without worrying about any financial issues.

The blog incorporates personal finance with family and marriage to ensure you achieve your financial goals without any hassle.

Money With Katie

Money with Katie is another financial blog for effective money management and budgeting tips. The blog was created to guide you through achieving your financial goals by sharing clever money tips, investing, and tax strategies.

Aside from learning more about personal finances by reading the articles on this site, you can also listen to its podcasts or watch YouTube videos and opt for the type of content that’s perfectly suitable for you.


This blog is one of the fastest-growing financial websites in the world. They offer thousands of free articles to support people with financial information and their money Journey. They provide valuable financial information for businesses and families, from getting loans, budgeting, savings, best side hustles, and much more other information to peoples’ support financial well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions On  Budgeting

What Are The Types Of Budgets?

The different types of budgets include personal budgets, operating budgets, corporate budgets, government budgets, and financial budgets.

Why Should You Budget?

There are many reasons why you should budget. Some of these include making it easy for you to achieve your financial goals. That’s because you won’t have a cause to spend the money you don’t have on unnecessary things.

It also allows you to build up savings and track your spending.

Final Thoughts On Budget Blogs

It’s easy for things to go wrong in your financial life when you lack the proper financial education. And this is something you can avoid nowadays because there are a lot of free resources online to educate yourself.

And to assist you with that, we’ve discussed the top budget blogs you should follow if you intend to create a realistic budget and stick to it.

These blogs have got resources that will help you make wise money decisions, not only by following them but by applying the tips and strategies you’ve learned from them.

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