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Fandango is one of the most popular sites that allows you to buy movie tickets online to skip the ticket line at the theater. However, you may have noticed there’s an extra charge attached to your Fandango purchase: the convenience fee.

It can be frustrating to pay this fee, especially when you know you can avoid it offline.

Notwithstanding, there are legit ways to get convenience fees waived when you buy tickets through Fandango. And there are many other options that enable you to save money on movie theater outings as well.

Therefore, in the post, we’ll highlight the legit 5 Legit Ways to Get the Fandango Convenience Fee waived and ways to save money buying movie tickets.

What Is Fandango?

Fandango is an online platform where you can buy movie tickets and find movie times in your local area. The company collaborates with a long list of theaters around the country to offer online ticket purchasing, constantly updated showtimes, promotions and special offers, and others.

More so, Fandango helps you to buy movie tickets in advance, helping you to skip the stress of queuing at the theatre for tickets. However, Fandango will charge a convenience fee when you buy a ticket from them.

The Fandango convenience fee is about $1.79 for 3D movies and standard tickets and $2.29 for IMAX tickets; these fees may vary by location or depending on the movie.

When buying tickets, you’ll be charged a convenience fee. The general Fandango convenience fee is $1.79 for standard and 3D movie tickets, and $2.29 for IMAX tickets, although the fees may vary by location or depending on the particular movie.

These fees are generally charged on a per-ticket basis. So, the convenience costs can add up if you go to the movies more frequently and buy multiple tickets. However, these Fandango convenience fees can be an issue, especially for those on a budget. But there are ways you can technically avoid paying these fees; continue reading to find out.

How To Get the Fandango Convenience Fee Waived

Getting a waiver from paying the Fandango convenience fee is a great way to save extra money. So here are some of the legit ways to avoid paying the Fandango convenience fee.

Get The Fandango VIP+ Reward

Fandango will give you 125 VIP+ Points points per ticket when you register and make purchases through their website or the mobile app. And for every 500 points, you will get a limited-time $5 reward which you can use to apply for your next ticket purchase.

And depending on the number of tickets you include in your next purchase, that $5 reward may cover or significantly reduce the convenience fee. Moreover, it’s free to join, and it offers several benefits to members, including access to advanced screenings, points earned for every fandango purchase, access to exclusive movie gear, and a discount for streaming movies so you can stream at home.

Leverage Online Coupon Sites

Coupon sites are websites listing coupons, coupon codes, discounts, and other related savings offers that are freely accessible and redeemable at other retail websites or stores. You can search coupon sites to get promo codes for waiving the Fandango convenience fee. However, not all coupon sites are legit, so you’ll need to be careful about the site you use.

You can find renowned and trusted coupon sites online that you can use to get Fandango convenience fee discounts. Here are some of the reputable coupons website where you may find Fandango discounts offer.

Coupon Chief

Coupon Chief is one of the most reputable couponing sites offering discount codes for Fandango. More so, the site is free to sign up for, and you can get notifications about Coupon Chief’s latest deals. Coupon Chief’s site offers three different ticket discount offers for Fandango. You can visit their website and choose the one that suits you.


RetailMeNot is another popular coupon site that occasionally offers Fandango and other movie deals. You can get the free RetailMeNot mailing list and enjoy its offers. When you sign up, you’ll get notifications on the latest offers for Fandango coupons. As of this writing, the platform has four different discount code offers for Fandango purchases.

Slick Deals

Slick Deal is a long-running site that also occasionally offers Fandango discount coupons. And as of this writing, they also had several offers for ticket discounts through Fandango. And it’s free to sign up for Slick Deals and get notifications on your emails on Fandango’s latest discounts.

There are numerous coupon sites where you can find Fandango discount offers. You can also check out your favorite coupon sites to get more information. However, beware of illegitimate coupon sites that claim they have coupon codes but don’t.

Purchase Your Tickets Directly From the Theater’s Website

Another way to get the Fandango convenience fee waiver is to directly purchase your tickets through your theater website. While some theater companies only allow customers to buy tickets online through Fandango, others have their sites.

You can check with your favorite theater to see if you can purchase online tickets directly through their website. However, know that some theaters with online ticket purchasing sites also charge convenience fees.

Moreover, those convenience fees may be more or less expensive than Fandango’s, so take note of that. You can also consider enrolling in your theater’s rewards club if they have one. On the other hand, if you’re already your theater’s reward member, you may be able to access direct online purchase fees waived.

Purchase a Fandango Discounted Gift Card

While using a gift card won’t entirely waive the convenience fee, you can buy a Fandango gift card at a discount rate to save on your ticket purchase. Besides, the amount you save on a gift card purchase may be equal to or higher than the convenience fee. They’re retailers that sell discounted gift cards offering savings ranging from 2% to 30%. You can browse the list of places to buy discounted gift cards.

Use Online Coupons

If all the top four method does not work best for you, you can just try the old fashion way of getting a movie ticket in person and avoid the Fandango convenience fee entirely. This is especially great if the theatre is close to your residence; this way, they won’t charge you convenience fees.

However, if you live far from the theatre, you can consider buying your ticket on your way back from work or when taking a stroll. Regardless of how you get the ticket, getting it offline will save you from having to pay the convenience fee. It’s a sacrifice that is worth it, considering how much you will save.

How Does Fandango App Work?

Here’s a step-by-step process of buying tickets on Fandango:

  • Download the Fandango Mobile App
  • Get Registered
  • Search the app for movie theaters close to you
  • Click on the theater and find tickets for the movie you want
  • Click the checkout point to make payments for the movie

Join Fandango VIP Program

The Fandango VIP program is a rewards scheme. Becoming a member of this program gives you access to lots of benefits.

As a Fandango VIP member, you can stream movies at a discounted price, and you can earn points for each movie ticket you purchase via Fandango.

This program also enables you to obtain discounts when purchasing movie tickets. The discounts offered by this program can waive the convenience fee imposed by Fandango.

A search on the internet will reveal to you the best coupon websites that offer great discounts.

Purchase Tickets From A Theatre’s Website

Some theaters only let you purchase tickets online via Fandango, while some have their own websites.

Before buying a movie ticket, enquire from your favorite theater if it’s possible for you to purchase movie tickets from their websites.

Be aware that most theatres with online ticketing services also impose convenience fees on those who buy tickets online.

Join AMC Stubs

AMC Stubs is a rewards membership program that is only available at AMC Theatres.

The AMC Stubs is a member reward program that allows its members to avoid paying convenience charges when buying online movie tickets.

Some theatres that provide this kind of membership reward program include Regal Crown Club and Cinemark Connections.

Buy Tickets In Hand

Another way to avoid paying the convenience fee imposed by Fandango is by physically buying your tickets in cinemas.

This method prevents you from paying any sort of charges. Although buying physical tickets demands that you make long journeys out of your home, it is still worthwhile if it helps you save money.

Join Fandango VIP Program

The Fandango VIP program is a rewards scheme. Becoming a member of this program gives you access to lots of benefits.

As a Fandango VIP member, you can stream movies at a discounted price, and you can earn points for each movie ticket you purchase via Fandango.

This program also enables you to obtain discounts when purchasing movie tickets. The discounts offered by this program can waive the convenience fee imposed by Fandango.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Fandango

Why Is Fandango Cheaper?

The fact that Fandango charges a small convenience fee per ticket makes it one of the cheapest options. In addition, their streaming service does not require any service or subscription fee. There are also no sign-up fees, as the site is free to join.

Can I Buy A Movie With Fandango?

Yes, you can! Fandango has a huge library of films and TV shows, including over 90,000 new releases. What’s good is that all of their movies are available without any subscription. So instead of subscribing, you simply buy or rent the movies and/or shows you’re interested in.

What is The Convenience Fee For Movie Tickets?

Convenience fees, also known as “surcharges,” are additional money added to a final transaction. This cost is typically associated with online ticket buying for concert or movie tickets.

These fees are usually used to maintain the company’s website and/or to pay bank charges. Companies also charge convenience fees to cover the cost they pay to process payment when a customer pays via credit card.

Is Fandango VIP Account Free?

Yes, it is! Creating a free Fandango VIP account will give you access to join a program that rewards you with special perks and benefits on Fandango.

And with your Fandango VIP account, you can get VIP+ points for discounts, save your favorite theaters, write movie reviews, get special access perks, refund and exchange your movie tickets, and lots more.

Does Fandango Have A Monthly Fee?

No, it doesn’t! Instead of paying a monthly subscription fee as you would for another traditional streaming service, Fandango has no such fees. All you need is an account to watch movies, and it is entirely free. So, in essence, Fandango has no subscription fee whatsoever. However, they’ll charge you a small convenience fee.

Does It Cost Money To Have A Fandango Account?

No, it doesn’t. You do not need to pay any fee to open a Fandango account. Moreover, you can log in and use the site to purchase movie tickets.

There are lots of coupon websites that provide discount codes that waive the convenience fee imposed by Fandango.

Keep in mind that not all discounts or coupon websites are trustworthy. So when searching for coupons that reduce Fandango’s convenience fee, go with legit and popular coupon websites.

However, you will be charged a convenience fee for every ticket you purchase. The amount fee is based on several factors, but it is typically between $0.75 and $2.50.

Does Fandango give full refunds?

Yes, Fandango gives full refunds. Fandango allows you to seek refunds for tickets that you have no use for

What is a Movie Convenience Fee?

Convenience fees, also known as “surcharges,” are the extra sums of money that are added to your total transaction when purchasing online tickets.

Are Fandango Tickets Legit?

The tickets purchased on Fandango is legit. But the customer service team of Fandango is slow to respond, which is a problem for customers.

How Long Does it Take Fandango to Refund Money?

It takes up to 2 weeks after you submit your request for Fandango to process your refunds.

Can You Get a Partial Refund on Fandango?

Yes, you can get a partial refund on Fandango if you submit a request before the cutoff time.

Does FandangoNOW cost money?

Fandango Now is an alternative to typical streaming services. It does not require its members to pay membership on a monthly basis.

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