How To Get A Work-From-Home Job In Apple

Apple is one of the leading tech companies in the world. It makes excellent tech gadgets that are useful in our everyday lives. Some of these products include iPhones, iMacs, iPods, AirPods, and more.

Apple is one of the first tech companies to cross $1 trillion in market value. For many, the thought of working for Apple is an appealing goal. If you wish to work for Apple, there are several work-from-home opportunities that are open to you.

Apple employs thousands of remote workers. A good percentage of Apple workers are working remotely. The average hourly wage for an Apple remote worker is $20. The hourly wage varies from $11 to $59. But this depends on your experience and the type of job you take up.

Here’s everything you need to know about working for Apple as a remote worker.

At Home Advisor For Apple

The job of an At-home Advisor is one of the most available jobs for individuals who intend to work for Apple. As an At-home Advisor who works for Apple, you will work under the AppleCare Unit. This is the department responsible for customer service. In other words, the job of an At-home Advisor can also be called Customer Service Agent.

What Are The Job Requirements for An At-home Advisor?

As an At-home Advisor who works for Apple, your job is to respond to customers’ questions, requests, inquiries, and criticism. You will provide assistance to customers via email, chat, or phone.

In your first position as an At House Adviser, you are accountable for supplying customer support and addressing all of the questions that individuals have regarding Apple products.

Do I Need To Be An Apple Product Expert To Become An At Home Advisor?

Do you need to be an Apple product expert to work for Apple? Not necessarily. Apple does not require you to be an expert in its products. But knowledge about Apple products will give you more advantage over other job seekers.


When you get employed by Apple to become an At-home Advisor, you will be provided with training on how to handle support issues for all products.

Can I Work Part-time for Apple?

When working as a customer service representative for Apple, you can decide to work either full-time or part-time. Apple gives you the opportunity to decide your working hours.

Benefits of Working for Apple

Apple pays its customer service agents between $16 to $50 an hour. However, the amount you’re paid depends on your expertise and experience.

Aside from the wage, Apple offers other benefits to its remote workers. As a Full-Time or part-time worker, you are entitled to health insurance, paid time off, 401 (k), and more.

In addition, you will be entitled to special discounts when purchasing an Apple product.

What Do I Need To Start A Career As An At-home Advisor

The job of an At-home Advisor requires you to have a working space at your house. You are also required to have a stable internet connection.

As an Apple At-home Advisor, you will be provided with an iMac and Headphones for free.

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