How to write a check

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Cheques haven’t gone extinct as you thought. In today’s world, online money transfer is the preferred way to make a transaction but some money transactions will require you to fill a check.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to write a check.

Step 1: Add the Date

When presented with a cheque, one of the first things to do is to fill out the date you’ll issue the cheque.

This is an important aspect that shouldn’t be missed. A cheque without a date holds no power.

Step 2: Include the Name of the Recipient

On the line that reads “Pay to the order of”, you have to write down the name of the person or business you’ll be making the payment to. This person is called a recipient or a payee.

The entire legal name of the person is to be filled out on the line. When a check is issued out, anybody has the ability to cash or deposit it.

Hence, it is important to specify the name of the payee.

Step 3: Write The Amount of Money with Numerals

On a check, the amount to be paid will be written in two different places.

The first component is a confined space that is located on the right. Fill in the monetary amount with the corresponding numerals here.

For instance, if you want to write a payment for one hundred dollars & thirty cents, you should write $100.30 on the check instead of $100.

Make sure to write this down accurately in order to avoid transactional mistakes.

How to write a date on a check

On the line that is titled “Date,” you need to make sure that you input the month, day, and year in its entirety.

You have the option of writing out the dates “September 1, 2020”) or using digits (9/1/20 or 09/01/20).

How to Write a Check Online

With the use of an Online Check Writer, you can write a check online.

Write a check online just by filling out the date, the payee’s name or the name of the firm, the amount to be paid, the numeric amount filled in, and your signature in the bottom right corner.

Writing a check

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a check example?

An example of a check is the bill you get from a restaurant or a written instruction to your bank to transfer funds to a different party from your bank account.

What are the 12 parts of a check?

A check consists of twelve separate components. These cheque components include the following:

  • Account Holder Information
  • Check Number
  • Date of Issue
  • Mathematical Check Amount
  • Pay to the Sequence of
  • ABA Routing Number or Account Numbers
  • Signature Line
  • Memo
  • Deposit Information
  • Amount Written in Words
  • Checking Account Number
  • Fractional Bank Number

Who signs the back of a check?

The payee must endorse the back of a check in order to get the money. This is an indication that the person who signed the checks is the payee.


In this digital age, the use of checks is still a common phenomenon despite its declining popularity. Hence it is important that you know how to fill a check.

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