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There are lots of businesses that give both children and adults complimentary stickers.

However, the requirements for acquiring free stickers depend on the brand. Here are three companies that will send you free stickers.

Companies That Give Out Free Stickers


Cotopaxi is a business that sells active wear for outdoor activities. This store sells coats, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and other items. They also offer a wide collection of backpacks, laptop bags, and outdoor gear.

On request, Cotopaxi will give you a complimentary IIama sticker that has the company’s logo. To get more information on how to get the Cotopaxi complimentary sticker, visit the Cotopaxi official website.


PETA Kids is a subsidiary of the non-profit organization called People for Ethical Animal Treatment (PETA) group. PETA kids focus on providing kid-friendly information on animal protection.

Kids can get a free copy of the magazine The Kids’ Guide to Saving Animals. The journal offers advice for youngsters on a variety of topics including how to purchase cruelty-free goods and conserve animals.

The PETA Kids offers free stickers, games, and puzzles to children on a monthly basis.

Free stickers


Patagonia is a retail store that focuses on providing athletic and outdoor apparel. It provides a wide range of products that includes board shorts, snow and ski gear, and a wetsuit.

In addition, Patagonia sells water bottles, travel bags, and sleeping bags.

You can make a request for free items like complimentary stickers and shop brochures. Patagonia only offers one complimentary sticker to an individual every four months. You won’t be eligible for a free sticker until four months are exhausted.

For more information, visit the Patagonia official website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get free Dickies stickers?

With every purchase you make on, you become eligible to receive a free sticker. If a free sticker isn’t given to you on your purchase, you can fill up a contact page with your order number in order to receive your sticker.

What brands give free stickers?

The following brand give out free stickers – Vineyard Vines Free Stickers, Keds Cheap Stickers, Versatile Free Stickers, Merrell Outer Banks Free Stickers, and Vans Off Of the Wall Free Stickers

Does Nike give free stickers?

Yes! Nike gives out free stickers. You can acquire a free sticker from Nike by sending a polite request to the Nike website.

How do I ask a company for free stuff?

Sending an email to the firm directly is the most simple way to request for a free item. Most businesses have their email address on their website. The “Contact Us” section of any website holds the email address of the company you want to receive a sample from.

In conclusion

Both adults and children find stickers to be exciting. You can place a sticker on your phone or laptop cases.

The brands listed above are known for giving out free stickers. To get a free sticker, you can make a purchase with the brand, or send an email requesting for one.

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