29 Great Sites to Get Paid to Type from Home

Last updated Jul. 1, 2023 by Charles Zemub

 29 great sites to get paid to type from home

Do you know that you can earn a good income just by typing from home? Some websites are ready to pay you to carry out numerous tasks for them.

But you have to be ready to do related jobs assigned to you if you hope to get paid well. But before you can even start earning by typing from home, you are expected to learn how the process works.

Once you have mastered the basic steps, you should be on your way to making a decent income from typing from home.

But what are the best sites to get paid to type from home? In this article, I write about 29 great sites to get paid to type from home.

How can you get paid to type from home?

If you hope to get paid to type from home, you must identify the right opportunity and work towards actualizing great results from the job. Most websites are willing to pay you if you understand the true nature of the job.

So if you want to get paid to type from home, you must focus on learning how to handle the job. After you must have developed the needed skills, you can work towards finding the right opportunity and connecting with potential employers.

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How much can you earn from typing jobs?

Your salary highly depends on your typing speed and accuracy. This implies that if you can write faster, you can increase your chances of earning more money.

Your money from typing jobs depends on your agreement with your recruiters. But an average typist on most platforms earns from $7 to $40 per hour. Some clients can be willing to pay higher, depending on your expertise in typing.

The average monthly salary you can earn from typing jobs ranges from $4,000 to $7500 per month. So you should consider taking up a typing job as the benefits that come with it are numerous.

What do you need to type from home?

Before you begin to search for typing jobs from home, you must provide yourself with the basic tools required to render these tasks. Some clients may even request to see your writing set before proceeding with the jobs.

Hence, you should use the best writing tools to qualify for writing jobs. So what tools do you need to type from home? You will have to work with the following tools for your typing jobs.

Computer set

A computer set is one of the major gadgets you require for typing jobs. In fact, you cannot do without a computer set while hoping to render typing-related tasks from home.

Most tech companies have manufactured different computer sets to make them accessible and affordable to everyone. If your budget cannot afford a Macbook, you consider going for any sophisticated PC and still get a realistic outcome.

Strong internet connection

Since you will be walking from home, you will need better internet to work fast and reliably. The essence of a strong internet connection is to avoid any slowdown in executing your daily tasks.


Sometimes, you may require using voice typing tools to increase your typing speed. Some of these jobs may also come as getting paid to type audio. So to prepare for the next demand of your clients, you should buy a good set of headphones to execute a perfect job.

29 Great Sites to Get Paid to Type from Home 


If you are willing to earn from typing, you must focus on improving your typing skills. When becoming a professional typist, your next goal should be identifying the right opportunities. While seeking these opportunities, you should be careful to separate legit platforms from scam websites.

Hence, you must do your findings before working with a particular brand. So which sites should you consider working with? The 29 great sites to get paid to type from home include the following.

AccuTran Global

AccuTran Global is a Canadian-based company that employs typists to render transcription, editing, and other numerous services.

As a result of the company’s friendly attitude to employees, many typists are eager to work with them. Typists on this platform earn from $40 to $50 per hour to render any specific task assigned to them by the company.

How can you join AccuTran Global? You get started by visiting their website https://www.accutranglobal.com/. You must review the company’s policies to see if you are qualified for the task before taking any other step.

AccuTran Global will assign you with a test before allowing you to work on its platform.


Clickworker is a platform that provides numerous typing job opportunities for typists searching for typing jobs. Aside from typing jobs, the platform also lists out other jobs including editing text, data entry, research, and a lot more.

So you will never have an issue finding great opportunities on this platform. Clickworker allows its users to find more job opportunities when their performance level increases. Hence, you should increase your performance score to get a more financially positive result.

How can you join clickWorker? Visit https://www.clickworker.com/clickworker/ and create a new account. Once your account is set, you are ready to make some money.

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Freelancer is another platform to put into consideration. The platform often lists thousands of jobs from its users searching for all types of typing jobs.

You don’t have to stress yourself to find these opportunities; this site is quite easy to use. Freelancers also allow their users to filter jobs and find their desired jobs faster than normal.

This implies that you can filter jobs based on pay rate and type on this platform. The good news about the Freelancer is that you can find jobs that pay up to $41 per hour here.

How do you join Freelancer? Visit https://www.freelancer.com/ and create an account with them.


OneSpace is a company that pays you to do audio typing jobs for them. Hence, you must be a good voice actor to earn from this platform.

OneSpace specifically looks out for people who can speak second languages such as Portuguese, Thai, Malay, Korean, Mandarin, Dutch, and Urdu.

Aside from transcription jobs, OneSpace allows you to render other tasks such as data entry, writing, and editing. But you must meet approved qualifications before you can execute any job on this platform.

OneSpace invites users to submit their applications even when they do not need employees. The essence of collecting more applications is to ensure that they never run out of workers.

How can you join OneSpace? Visit https://freelance.onespace.com/freelancers/ and sign up with them. Once your application is reviewed, the platform will update you about the next big move.



Scribie is a platform that was founded in 2008. The platform founders said that they had paid their transcribers over $2,000,000.

Transcribers earn between $5 and $25 per hour for rendering transcription jobs. The great benefit of working on this platform is that you will earn up to a $5 bonus every month.

Hence, Scribie is a great platform to consider because of the numerous benefits you get from it. Unlike most platforms, completing tasks on this platform is quite simple.

You can complete a given task within 10 minutes and use the remaining time to preview your task.

How can you join this platform? Visit https://scribie.com/ to get started. Once your account is set, you can proceed to seek tasks to execute.


TranscribeMe is a platform with numerous standout features from the rest. As a result of the advanced method of rendering services, TranscribeMe is regarded as one of the biggest transcription websites you may consider joining.

The platform pays its users from $15 to $22 per hour. If you work consistently on TranscribeMe, you can earn hundreds of dollars at the end of the month.

Some high-income earners on this platform even walk home with more than $2,000 per audio month. Unlike most platforms, executing jobs on TranscribeMe is short as well. Some tasks do not exceed two minutes to complete. This implies that you will earn more while working less.

How can you join TranscribeMe? Visit https://www.transcribeme.com/  and sign up. Once your account is ready, you can proceed to search for jobs. Keep in mind that this platform only pays through PayPal.

So you must reside in a country that gives access to PayPal before you can redeem your funds from TranscribeMe.


Kolotibablo is a platform that allows getting paid to type captchas. As a newbie in this platform, your earnings will be lower compared to professionals who already earn big from this platform.

Kolotibablo also rates its users to determine the amount they earn. Keep in mind that your rating highly depends on your accuracy and efficiency on the platform.

Your pay rate on this platform is within $1 per 1,000 captcha photos you typed. If you become more productive with time, your scores will definitely increase. Your earnings will also increase to improve your earnings from Kolotibablo.

How can you join Kolotibablo? Visit https://kolotibablo.com/main/home and click on start working. You will be required to fill out your details to qualify for more tasks.

DionData Solutions


DionData Solution is a site that has operated for over 20 years. As a result of their several years of experience in the field, typists have come to trust the services of DionData Solutions.

The platform pays you to type text based on handwritten credentials forwarded to you in the form of scanned files. This implies that you must have the ability to see the handwritten text clearly before you can earn from this platform.

DionData Solutions often pay its typist per document. Hence, when you type faster, you can earn more money.

How can you join DionData Solutions? Visit http://www.diondatasolutions.net/services.html and sign up with them. Read through their terms of the job to understand the true nature of the job before you begin to render tasks for them.

Southwestern Fundraising

Southwestern Fundraising is a platform that helps schools and several non-profit organizations to execute fundraising for children. The site gets people to purchase their magazine subscriptions to raise funds.

The best way to reach out to these people is by mailing filled forms to these people. This is where your services will be required as a typist. Southwestern Fundraising platforms often request the services of transcribers to transcribe these forms to their database.

How can you transcribe for Southwestern Fundraising? Visit https://southwestern.com/companies/southwestern-fundraising/ and look out for transcribing job opportunities. Once you find any interesting opportunity, proceed to apply without having a second thought.

Capital Typing

Capital Typing is a platform that provides transcription jobs and other numerous opportunities for freelancers across the globe. Hence if you can work as a professional transcriber, Capital Typing is a great opportunity to consider.

How can you join Capital Typing? To find opportunities on this platform, you must contact them directly. Visit https://www.capitaltyping.com/contact-us/ and fill out the provided form.

You can also email them directly requesting opportunities. If you have opportunities, the company will surely revert within days or weeks.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a site that provides several job opportunities for people. The good news is that typists have a lot of opportunities to grab on this platform.

Unlike most typing sites, Amazon Mechanical Turk has numerous opportunities for typists at various levels. This implies that newbies can find their stand on this platform.

Even though you may not see numerous high-paying jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk, some opportunities here are still considered.

How can you join Amazon Mechanical Turk? Visit https://www.mturk.com/ and click on get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk. Once you are set, you can begin to earn from doing what you love most.

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications focuses on finding independent contractors to render transcription jobs for them. If you are a good transcriber, you may consider this opportunity, as it is worth your time.

Birch Creek Communications often pay transcribers from $0.40 to $1.75 per audio minute. This implies that your earnings highly depend on the tasks executed and your level of accuracy.

How can you join Birch Creek Communications? Visit  http://ww7.birchcreekcommunications.com/  to get started.



CastingWords is a platform that allows you to get paid to transcribe from home. But you must be eligible before you can work on this platform.

You must live in a country that permits PayPal payments to redeem your payment from this platform. CastingWords pays you over $1 per audio minute of your transcription jobs.

How can you join CastingWords? Visit https://workshop.castingwords.com/worker/login and fill out the provided data. Once you are eligible, the platform will not deny your ability to earn money for rendering related tasks.

Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription is a platform that enables you to get paid to type from home. You can also earn from transcribing audio files and writing subtitles in English.

If you can speak foreign languages, prepare your mind to earn more as the platform allows you to earn transcribing over 30 languages. This implies that you will always find jobs on this platform.

How can you join Daily Transcription? Visit https://dailytranscription.com/careers/ to sign up with them.


Rev is a platform that provides people with numerous job opportunities, including getting paid to type from home. Transcriptionists, Captioners, and other freelancers are provided with numerous tasks to execute and earn.

But you must be active on this platform if you hope to earn from your expertise. Rev often pays transcriptionists from $0.30 to $1.10 per audio or video min. However, you can earn more depending on your accuracy.

How can you join Rev. Visit https://www.rev.com/freelancers and find any relevant tasks to execute.


SigTrack is a platform that offers seasonal data entry-related tasks for freelancers. If you are lucky, you can get employed by this platform to execute data entry jobs for them.

Most tasks on SignTrack are related to voter registrations. Hence, you must be knowledgeable in this area to earn from the platform. Since data entry tasks are involved in this platform, you should execute your regular tasks with high accuracy to avoid making unnecessary mistakes.

The platform pays its clients via PayPal. Hence, you should reside in a location that enables PayPal payment before joining this platform.

How can you join SigTrack? http://sigtrack.net/ and sign up with them.


SpeakWrite is another great platform to join. The site provides several general transcription job opportunities for people with legal experience. This implies that you must have experience in transcription-related jobs before looking out for opportunities on this platform.

Aside from your experience, you can also earn greatly from this platform if you are fluent in speaking Spanish. Most clients on this platform are investigators, protective service agencies, and more.

Hence, you must learn how to communicate professionally with these experts before you can join this platform. You can earn from $450 to $3,400 per month on this platform.

How can you join SpeakWrite? Visit https://speakwrite.com/transcription-jobs/ and sign up with them.


WeLocalize is a platform that pays you to write song lyrics from an already existing record and get paid afterward. The site allows you to play the song and write out whatever you hear.

Your payment highly depends on your level of accuracy. However, you can earn up to $4 per song on this platform.

How can you join WeLocalize? Visit https://talent.welocalize.com/snap-signup/ and create an account with them.



Quicktate is a platform that pays you to execute transcription jobs for them. The company was built as a transcription company to earn professional transcribers to earn from their expertise.

Unlike most companies, you will have to pay a registration fee of $15 to apply on this platform. The good news is that you will earn $0.01 for every 4 words you transcribe accurately. You will redeem your payment via PayPal.

How can you join Quicktate? Visit https://typists.quicktate.com/transcribers/login and sign up with them.


TDEC is a platform that constantly demands the services of Data entry professionals. If you are knowledgeable in entering data without errors, you should consider joining this platform to earn from your expertise.

How can you join TDEC? Send the platform’s official email via [email protected]. In this email, you must clearly describe your interest in working with them.

The Smart Crowd

The Smart Crowd is a platform that assists people in securing data entry work from home jobs. You may be lucky to find other opportunities on this platform.

Your pay rate highly depends on your expertise in data entry-related jobs. But you must be qualified before the platform will consider you worthy to work for them.

How can you join The Smart Crowd? Visit https://ai.lionbridge.com/cmp/signup and sign up with them.


Microworkers is a site that employs you as an independent contractor to execute data entry micro tasks for them. This implies that you must be an expert in the field before you can be considered eligible to work for Microworkers.

But as you search for jobs on this platform, you must be aware of scams to avoid becoming a victim. You can always redeem your earnings via PayPal.

How can you join Microworkers? Visit https://ttv.microworkers.com/index/template and register with them.

Hollywood Transcription

Hollywood Transcriptions is a platform that hires people to offer translation, transcription, and other related services for the entertainment industry.

So if you are knowledgeable in rendering any services that may be beneficial to the entertainment industry, you may consider joining this platform.

How can you join Hollywood Transcription? Kindly forward your resume to [email protected]. If you are qualified for the job, the platform will surely get back to you within days.


CyberDictate is a company created to provide opportunities to transcriptionists across the globe. You must meet their requirements before you will be allowed to render any task on the platform.

In most cases, the platform prefers to work with experts who have acquired at least three years of experience from a law firm. The more experience you have acquired, the more your chances of getting employed will increase.

How can you join CyberDictate? Visit https://cyberdictate.com/about-us/employment/ and apply.

Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services is a platform that offers good opportunities for freelancers searching for data entry jobs. Note that you will be required to have more than 2 years of working experience in the data entry-related field before joining this platform.

You also need to have at least 50 WPM typing speed to increase your chances of securing the job.

How can you join Axion Data Entry Services? Visit http://axiondata.com/myaccount.asp and sign up with them.



Babbletype is a company that offers some of the best transcription jobs from home. The good news is that you don’t need any experience working on this platform.

Babbletype payment starts from $0.40 per audio minute. You can earn more depending on your expertise in the field.

How can you join Babbletype? Visit https://babbletype.com/apply-for-work and apply. Remember that you must pass through a recruitment process before being allowed to secure the job.


Aberdeen provides several job opportunities for people. One of the best job opportunities you may consider at Aberdeen is typing jobs. You can also render captioning, translation, and transcription jobs on this platform.

Your earning ranges from $1 to $1.50 per audio minute.

How can you join Aberdeen? Visit https://www.abercap.com/careers/ and sign up with them.


CrowdSurf is a platform that has similar features to CastingWords. The platform partners with the mTurk program. This implies that users are often encouraged to secure a mTurk account before they are qualified to join.

After your application, the company must approve your request before you execute tasks.

How can you join CrowdSurf? Visit https://crowdsurfwork.com/get-started-on-work-market/ and join the platform.


DataPlus+ is a platform that was established in 1992. The company employs independent contractors to execute data entry jobs for them from home. Your application must be approved before you will be found worthy to work on the platform.

How can you join DataPlus+? Visit http://www.dataplus-svc.com/ and apply for this data entry job.


Thank you for reading this article up to this length. If you are still reading, it implies that you are determined to get paid to type from home. Many companies like the ones listed above are searching for professional transcribers, translators, and typists like you to execute numerous tasks.

You should never limit yourself to various opportunities out there. The 29 great sites to get paid to type from home listed above will surely help you earn extra money with time.

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