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The purpose of timeshare exit firms is to help you legally terminate your timeshare contract. Top timeshare exit companies have proliferated in recent years, particularly in the United States, in response to the rising demand for their services.

Although many Americans have purchased timeshares, most eventually lose interest because they either signed the contract without fully understanding it or underestimated the overall cost of ownership.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having a timeshare that you have no need for, I’ve done the homework for you and assessed the 12 best timeshare exit businesses to help you avoid situations like these.

Top Timeshare Exit Companies

Outlined below is a comprehensive list that identifies 12 top timeshare exit companies you can select from if you’re looking to cancel or renew your timeshare.

#1. Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation

Sapphire Timeshare Cancellation is a legit family-owned timeshare exit company with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. With more than two decades of combined timeshare experience, this company boasts of several good testimonials from many customers both past and present with positive reviews on Google.

Furthermore, Sapphire doesn’t sell, transfer, rent, or buy the timeshares. It ends just on the consumer protection laws and regulations to help you eliminate your timeshare; the company works with you to pinpoint any deceptive practices during your sign-up and purchase process.

Timeshare companies are frequently known to pressure people into buying. Sapphire, on the other hand, helps you take appropriate actions to set you free from the agreement.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers personal credit protection.
  • It charges a flat fee, and it averagely costs $3000 to $4000.
  • Works with any timeshare owner, both local and international timeshare owners.
  • Has a good reputation and positive track record.

#2. The Resort Advisory Group

This is another reputable timeshare exit company making the list. Resort Advisory Group is located in Irvine, California.

The company has numerous positive online reviews and over 11 years of experience. Now, with this experience, they help a lot of individuals eliminate all timeshare fees and every other hassle particularly associated with timeshare exit. 

The Resort Advisory Group carries you along the process of your timeshare exit, including discussing the plans to exit the contract with you. They charge a fee only after assessing your case to make things easier for you, although it’s also possible to try to haggle the price to suit your budget.

To learn more, you can read through the FAQs placed on their website.

Highlighted Features

  • Well-established reputation on numerous platforms.
  • Offers a no upfront fee escrow option.
  • Offers free consultation.
  • Cost varies based on the case, but usually around $3,000 to $6,000.
  • Offers credit protection services.

#3. Timeshatter 

Another company that can assist you in getting out of your timeshare without stress is Timeshatter. Although this company is relatively new, it has assisted over 2,500 timeshare owners since its inception with the number of experts they’ve got on their team.

Timeshatter works by evaluating your current contract and matching you with a professional who can legally get rid of it. And according to customer reviews, this company also offers reliable and trustworthy service.

Highlighted Features

  • Experienced group of professionals with a combined decade in the field. 
  • Trustworthy service from an established company.

#4. The Timeshare Specialists

Timeshare Specialists is located in Bozeman, Montana, with over 15 years of experience. This company offers three different services to help you eliminate your timeshare contract.

Firstly, they offer a “Guaranteed Transfer Program” to help sell your timeshare. They also offer the “Timeshare Buy Back,” with which they make you an offer if you own a high-end timeshare. And lastly, they offer “Timeshare resale tips and tricks,” where they show you how you can resell your timeshare.

A particular feature of this company is that within 8 to 12 weeks of registration, it frees you from your timeshare agreement.

On their website, a timeshare calculator calculates what you will pay for your timeshares in the coming years and how much you will save by exiting your timeshare contract.

Highlighted Features

  • They’ve got a solid and good reputation.
  • Provides a variety of timeshare exit strategies.
  • No upfront fees.

#5. The Newton Group Transfer

The Newton Group is one of the oldest timeshare exit companies. Not only have they been long-standing, but the company has what it takes to provide customers with better timeshare exit offers.

The Newton Group has been doing quite a good job for a while now based on its rating on Google and Trustpilot. And they offer two different options for you to exit your Timeshare.

One of these options is the “Timeshare Transfer Exit,” while the other is the “Timeshare Attorney Exit.” And based on your preferences, the company selects the perfect option that suits your situation.

In addition, while they examine your case before charging you a fee, the price range is usually between $3,000 to $8000.

The Newton Group is a pretty good option if you want an experienced exit company with a good rating. However, you should also know that they don’t offer an escrow payment option, which means they charge upfront fees.

Highlighted Features

  • Offer a free consultation.
  • Charge upfront fees.
  • Offers two different timeshare exit solutions.
  • Longstanding and trusted reputation.

#6. The Seaside Consultants Group

The Seaside Consultants is another top timeshare exit company that’s located in Encinitas, California. With its proven timeshare exit strategy, they’ve amassed a 100 percent customer satisfaction rating.

This timeshare exit company also provides special offers to help timeshare owners. Especially individuals that signed contracts under false information, deceit, and high-pressure sales.

According to its reviews, the company is pretty much transparent with all the exit processes. And they carry you along with their team of professionals to eliminate your timeshare contract expertly.

You should also note that the company also provides a “Timeshare Exit Cost Calculator” so you can understand everything you’re paying.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers an escrow payment option.
  • Offers a free consultation service.
  • Provides credit protection services.
  • Cost varies based on cases, but the average cost ranges between $4,000 to $8,000.

#7. The Centerstone Group

The Centerstone Group is one timeshare exit company that makes a list for several reasons. One is that it has got over 30 years’ worth of experience handling timeshare issues.

They also have multiple timeshare exit strategies to help you resolve your contract on time at a very affordable cost. And they are headquartered in Las Vegas, in the US.

The Centerstone Group has countless good remarks from satisfied clients and high marks across a wide variety of rating systems. And their cost of service varies based on certain factors, including the exit program you qualify for, how long you’ve owned the timeshare, and the state you reside in.

Some of Their Highlighted Features

  • Top-notch customer service.
  • Multiple exit strategies.
  • Faster and cheaper strategies.

#8. The Timeshare Compliance Company

The Timeshare Compliance company is located in California with nearly a decade of experience. They also claim to be an “Advocacy group” on their website.

You should know that they rarely take on just any clients; rather, you must meet their set eligibility criteria. They primarily assist timeshare owners, particularly those with contracts on unfavorable terms.

They’ve also got numerous legal professionals who work with attorneys to help you eliminate maintenance fees. And cases are expertly handled to free you from bad timeshare contracts using legal means properly.

The Timeshare Compliance Company assesses your case first and then sends a personalized quote of your fees. According to their website, their average fee ranges from $4,000 to $8,000.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers escrow option, which eliminates all upfront costs.
  • Highly responsive team.
  • Get rid of timeshare liabilities.
  • Provide personal credit monitoring services.

#9. EZ Exit Now

On 9th position, we’ve got EZ Exit Now company with good reviews and particularly trusted by many customers to get rid of timeshare problems. EZ Exit Now says on their website that they’re a “faith-based group” and offer free one-on-one consultations to evaluate and assess a lot of timeshare exit cases.

Subsequently, they determine exit options before proceeding with the cancellation process. Also they have got numerous reviews and testimonials on its website to support its credibility.

Similar to other companies on this list, the cost for registering with this company also varies with the complexity of your timeshare contract. And according to reviews dropped by past customers, the average cost ranges from around $3,000 – $8,000. However, that’s also negotiable.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Offers free consultation.
  • Variable cost options.

#10. Lonestar Transfer

Lonestar transfer logo

Lonestar Transfer company makes this list primarily because of its decade-long timeshare cancellation experience. And also because of the extremely positive reviews they have received on different customer review platforms.

This company offers two types of timeshare exit strategies. One is the “Timeshare Transfer,” and the other is the “Mortgage Cancellation.”

Another interesting feature of this timeshare exit company is that they terminate your timeshare contract and help get you out of any remaining mortgage obligations. And although the cost varies, it is less than other companies as most pay between $3,000 and $6,000.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers free consultation.
  • The company had variable cost options.
  • The fee is paid in full upfront.
  • Get a service that’s personalized for your situation.
  • Offers 100% money back guarantee.

#11. The Wesley Financial Group

Wesley financial group logo

The Wesley Financial Group Transfer is one of the largest exit companies in the industry with its existence for up to a decade. And this company helps get rid of timeshare mortgage and maintenance fees.

However, they are very selective and doesn’t accept every case. Still, they specialize in timeshare owners who feel pressured or misinformed before signing a contract and also accept timeshare owners who can no longer make payments.

To back up its solid reputation, the company also has video testimonials and reviews on several trusted platforms, including Trustpilot. According to customer reviews, the average pricing charged by this company is between $4,000 and $7,000.

Highlighted Features

  • Offers 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Offers free consultation.
  • Cost varies.

#12. Vacation Ownership Consultant Services

Vacation Ownership Consultant logo

Vacation Ownership Consultant Services is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with over seven years of experience. They also have a ton of attorneys to assist individuals with terminating timeshare contracts legally.

This company claims almost a 100% success rate as they are choosy and don’t take on just any cases. Furthermore, they provide a one-time charge fee and have a guide on their pricing method.

Vacation Ownership Consultant Services does not charge additional costs beyond what is disclosed. And the company is entirely devoted to assisting timeshare owners in escaping their obligations under their agreements.

Although there’s no specified cost, but based on the review of past customers, the average cost ranges between $3,000 to $6,000.

Highlighted Features

  • Highly affordable.
  • Offers free one-on-one consultation.
  • Solid reputation.

What To Look Out For In A Timeshare Exit Company

To avoid falling into the wrong hands, there are several characteristics of a timeshare exit firm that you should search for. These things are as follows:

  • Free consultation service offers.
  • Determine the best based on online reviews and any other ratings. 
  • The best possible cost of service.
  • Reputable name and services.
  • Improved timeshare exit strategies.
  • Perfect escrow payment options.

How To Avoid Timeshare Exit Scams

With the rate at which scams and other fraudulent activities occur online, you must know how to navigate your way around them and avoid unnecessary loss of your hard-earned cash.

Picture depicting theft scheme by online scams

Some of these tips to avoid scam timeshare exit companies are;

  • Lack of reviews

If a timeshare exit company lacks reviews and ratings on reputable rating platforms like Trustpilot, Google, and others, you should know the company can’t be trusted.

  • Outsourcing

While good companies do all the work themselves, others will outsource your timeshare case to law firms and pocket most of the fee without caring for your best interest.

  • Enforcement cases

You should always check online to see if the company has any reports of lawsuits or regulatory action.

  • Get everything down in writing.

Most of the reputable timeshare exit companies have contracts, and unfortunately, even the scam ones have too. You should read through the contract properly to understand all the contract terms so you know what you’re going through.

You can get a good lawyer to explain the terms. Or if that’s not available and there’s any unclear term, get them to make you understand; if not, pull back.

Final Thoughts

While some timeshare owners regret their purchase, some are happy with it. But if you’re among the ones that regret your purchase, don’t worry; these reputable timeshare exit companies I listed above are available to assist you.

All you need to do is ensure that you don’t start working with just any company, as there are numerous scam exit companies out there.

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