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In an era where financial literacy is paramount, podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium to disseminate financial knowledge. Whether you are trying to manage your personal finance, invest in the stock market, understand economic policies, or get into entrepreneurship, financial education podcasts have something valuable for everyone. Here is a detailed look at some of the best financial education podcasts that you can tune into to sharpen your financial acumen.

1. The Dave Ramsey Show

Hosted by financial expert Dave Ramsey, this podcast focuses on personal finance and wealth-building strategies. Dave Ramsey provides practical financial advice on budgeting, getting out of debt, and investment strategies. His show is particularly famous for its "debt-free scream" segments where guests share their success stories of achieving financial independence.

2. BiggerPockets Podcast

If real estate investing is something that piques your interest, then the BiggerPockets Podcast is a must-listen. Hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast features interviews with real estate investors who share their experience, insights, and tips on how to succeed in the real estate market.

3. ChooseFI

Brad and Jonathan host ChooseFI, a podcast centered on financial independence. The podcast explores various avenues one can take to achieve financial independence early. Topics include frugality, side hustles, lifestyle design, and investing strategies.

4. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

As a financial correspondent, author, and host, Farnoosh Torabi addresses financial issues and interviews leading researchers, actors, and entrepreneurs. "So Money" discusses personal finance, business ventures, and economic trends, making it a comprehensive source for financial education.

5. Planet Money

Planet Money by NPR breaks down complex economic issues into digestible stories. Through captivating storytelling and expert interviews, Planet Money makes understanding economics both interesting and accessible. This podcast is perfect for someone looking to gain a broader understanding of economic policies and their real-world implications.

6. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn hosts the Smart Passive Income podcast, where he delves into online business, passive income generation, and entrepreneurial ventures. With a mix of guest interviews and solo episodes, Pat provides actionable insights on growing and sustaining online businesses.

7. The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins brings his unique energetic style to the world of finance through The Tony Robbins Podcast. Topics like wealth management, asset allocation, and risk management are covered with input from financial experts and success stories from various industries.

8. Financial Feminist

Hosted by Tori Dunlap, founder of Her First 100K, Financial Feminist is a podcast aimed at empowering women through financial literacy. The episodes tackle topics like salary negotiation, investing, saving, and overcoming systemic financial challenges.

9. The Clark Howard Podcast

Clark Howard is a consumer expert who hosts this podcast focused on helping people save more, spend less, and avoid scams. His practical advice covers a range of topics from travel deals to retirement planning, making it a well-rounded choice for anyone looking to improve their financial health.

10. The Investing for Beginners Podcast

Perfect for novice investors, The Investing for Beginners Podcast, hosted by Andrew Sather and Dave Ahern, dives into the basics of investing in stocks, bonds, and other assets. The podcast provides valuable insights and tips on building and managing investment portfolios.

11. Afford Anything

Paula Pant hosts Afford Anything, a podcast centered around the philosophy that you can afford anything, but not everything. The episodes explore financial independence, real estate investing, and lifestyle design. Paula’s show features a variety of guest experts who provide diverse perspectives on achieving financial goals.

12. Money Tree Investing Podcast

Money Tree Investing talks about investment strategies with a different expert every week. The podcast aims to help listeners understand the myriad ways they can grow and protect their wealth. Topics range from real estate and stock market investing to tax planning and retirement.

✓ Short Answer

For those eager to learn about financial education, podcasts are an excellent resource. Top picks include The Dave Ramsey Show for personal finance, BiggerPockets for real estate, and Planet Money for economic insights. These podcasts provide practical advice, expert interviews, and real-world examples to help you navigate the complex world of finance.

13. The Money Guy Show

The Money Guy Show, hosted by Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, aims to simplify financial concepts. The hosts discuss a range of topics, from wealth-building strategies to retirement planning and everything in between. Their engaging approach makes complex financial ideas easy to understand.

14. The Fairer Cents

Another great podcast focused on women and finance is The Fairer Cents, hosted by Tanja Hester and Kara Perez. This podcast delves into gender, race, and class inequities within the financial world, providing valuable insights and practical advice for overcoming these challenges.


What should I look for in a financial education podcast?

When choosing a financial education podcast, consider the host’s expertise, the relevance of the topics covered, guest quality, and how well the podcast presents information that aligns with your financial goals.

Are these podcasts suitable for beginners?

Yes, many of these podcasts like The Dave Ramsey Show, The Investing for Beginners Podcast, and ChooseFI are designed to cater to both beginners and advanced listeners by breaking down complex concepts into understandable terms.

How often are new episodes released?

Most of these podcasts release new episodes weekly. However, the frequency can vary; some might offer bi-weekly or even daily episodes.

Are these podcasts free?

Yes, all the podcasts mentioned in this article are free to listen to. You can find them on popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts.

Can I interact with the hosts?

Many podcasts offer ways for listeners to interact with the hosts, such as through social media platforms, email newsletters, or live Q&A sessions. Check the podcast’s website for more details.

Do I need to listen in a specific order?

While some podcasts may have a series format that requires sequential listening, most of the episodes mentioned in this article can be enjoyed independently of the order.

Podcasts have revolutionized the way we consume information, and when it comes to financial education, these podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge that is both accessible and practical. Happy listening!

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