20 Places to Get Wooden Crates for Free

Last updated Sep. 17, 2023 by Charles Zemub

20 Places to Get Wooden Crates for Free (Near You!)

In this article, we will talk about the 20 Places to Get Wooden Crates for Free. If you’re planning to build anything with wood, finding suitable wood for the job is essential.

The wood you use needs to be strong enough to take the weight of whatever you’re building, and it also needs to be moisture-resistant.

When we think about building things from wood, the first thing that comes to mind is usually lumber from a home improvement store.

However, if you want to make something larger or more complex using wood, you may want to look for other options. Buying lumber can quickly get expensive if you need a lot of lumber for a construction project.

However, there are plenty of places to get wooden crates for free near you. These places include grocery stores, furniture stores, and even your local post office! Here are 20 places to get wooden crates for free (near you).

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores often receive shipments of food in wooden crates, which they then discard after unloading the food. The next time there is a delivery at your local grocery store, ask if they have any extra crates that they would be willing to give away.

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Beer Distributors 

The beer distributors near me all have stacks of wooden shipping crates. They are usually 4-6 feet tall and are all over the place. If you find an empty one, ask if there is a pile of them somewhere close. You can usually get 2 or 3 crates out of each pallet.

Bakery Supply Stores 

Bakeries ship their products on wooden pallets made out of wood. Once the product is delivered, the bakery has no more use for the crate. Ask around at a local bakery supply store to see if they will give you some pallets!

Schools/Universities (specifically theater departments) 

Did you know that many schools use wooden crates to make stages? Many school theater departments will be more than willing to give you containers for free! Theater teachers love helping out young entrepreneurs and makers. A friend of mine was able to get about 30 wooden crates for free from a nearby school.

Electronics Stores/Computer Repair Shops 

Many electronics stores ship their products in wooden crates, and once they unpack them, they no longer use the container. Visit your local computer repair shop or electronics store and ask.

Liquor Stores

Whether you’re looking for big boxes to move or small ones for a DIY project, liquor stores can be an excellent place to get free wooden crates.

The best part about getting them from liquor stores is that they can often give away large boxes that are sturdy enough to hold bottles of wine or liquor. For example, we got a few large wooden crates from Total Wine and More and used them to move cross-country.


Bookstores tend to get lots of books shipped in wooden crates and boxes. Many bookstores are happy to give away their old boxes to save themselves the trouble of breaking down the boxes and disposing of them. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Shuttle Companies

If you’re looking for free moving boxes, shuttle companies that service airports and colleges can be a great source! They often have these large wooden crates that they use to transport luggage. They can either be found online or by calling around local shuttle companies. You may also be able to find some just by driving around your neighborhood!


Craigslist always lists free items, including wood crates and pallets. If you decide to go this route, verify the seller’s identity and arrange to pick up the crates in a safe location.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is another great place to get things for free (or close to it). Like with Craigslist, make sure to take necessary precautions when meeting the seller in person.


Freecycle is an organization that encourages people to recycle their goods instead of throwing them away. This organization comprises local chapters that allow members to give away goods for free instead of tossing them out.

U-Haul Customer Connect

U-Haul has a Customer Connect program that allows people to give and get things for free from other people who are U-Haul customers. 

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are one of the best places to look for antique wooden crates. Most hardware stores sell their products in crates from the manufacturer. However, once those products have been unloaded from the truck, the store no longer uses the empty crates. It’s much cheaper for them to throw them away than it is to ship them back to the manufacturer.

So why not offer to haul away these unwanted crates? There’s a good chance that the store manager will be more than happy to let you take as many as will fit in your vehicle!

Wine Tasting Rooms 

Another great place for wine lovers is wine-tasting rooms, which may be willing to give away all of their extra wood.

Local Stores

Whether it’s a 24-hour supermarket or a small organic co-op, your local grocery store is the best place to get free wooden crates. Because of their relatively small size, grocery stores tend to receive shipments of produce and beverages almost daily. Plus, they usually don’t care if you take their empty wooden crates away after they’ve unpacked them.

To find out which grocery stores in your area receive shipments of wooden crates, call them up and ask when their deliveries come in. If they say Monday mornings, then head over on Monday morning to pick up your free crates. If they say they are unavailable, try another grocery store!

Local Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores like Ace Hardware or Home Depot also get merchandise shipments in wooded crates almost daily. The best time to look for free crates at these stores is right after lunchtime because it’s the ideal time for their receiving department employees to unload trucks and unpack merchandise from the wooden crates.

Furniture store

Furniture stores often order items in bulk, meaning they may have several wooden crates. Many furniture store owners will be happy to give them away for free if you call ahead and ask.

Food stores

Businesses that sell products of food, such as bakeries or candy stores, may have wooden crates or boxes they’re willing to give away. If they don’t, you can always ask the employees on their next shipping day if they have any boxes they’re going to throw away.

Warehouses and storage facilities

Warehouses and storage facilities use large wooden crates and boxes to store their products. If you call ahead, many warehouse and storage facility owners will be happy to give these away for free rather than paying to dispose of them properly.


Freecycle is an online network where people give away the things they no longer need, from furniture to clothing to car parts. You might find some free wooden crates to get for your collection if you’re lucky. You won’t be able to choose precisely what you want, but if you’re willing to take what’s available, it’s an excellent option for finding free wooden crates.

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