Best 13 Compound Interest Investments and Tips to Consider

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best 13 compound interest investments and tips to consider

What are the best compound interest investments to consider? This is one of the most challenging questions asked by most investors. If you wish to achieve resounding success in the stock market, consider paying attention to top-performing index funds.

What are the best compound interest investments? In this article, you will learn about 13 top performers in compound interest investments.

How to select the best compound interest investment

Before deciding on a particular compound interest investment to work with, you must consider some factors. These factors mentioned below will determine how successful you become with your investments.

Your retirement

Not every compound interest investment is favorable to retirees or those close to retirement. Hence, you must carefully choose the best option based on how close you are to retirement.

Your investment goals

Before you consider investing, you must first make provision for the investment capital that will facilitate your objectives. The capital you budget for investment may determine your potential for future success.

In addition to having a good capital, it is also important to have plans on what to do with your investments as they mature.

For example, you may set goal to buy a house from your accruing investment income.

Risk tolerance

Every investment comes with a risk factor. If the risk factor is huge, you may consider taking another alternative with a lower risk factor.

How soon you will need to access the money

Investors often invest for the long term. If you want to access the money in a few years, you may consider options with high yield investment returns. However, note that such high yield investments often come with associated higher risks.

What Are The Best Compound Interest Investments?


The following 13 best compound interest investments perform better than others.

Total Market Index Funds

Total market index funds exist as an investment vehicle that has a collection of stocks found within a fund that monitors an equity index. It also consists of investments made in a more significant segment of the market.

The total market index fund is one of the main broad-based indexes which serve as benchmarks to other investment options such as the S&P 500, the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index, and the Russell 3000.

When you choose the total market index fund, you will find out that you can easily maximize your diversification and take advantage of low costs in index funds.

If you intend to monitor all U.S. stock markets through Vanguard, you may consider investing in its VTI and VTSAX index funds options to increase your chances of making a successful investment.

How have total market index funds performed over the years? Tracking the performance of total market index funds, investors realized that this option continues to grow from year to year.

Unlike some compound interest investments where your portfolio can easily get wiped out, total market index funds provide great assurance to investors.

Even when a minor drop occurs, the market will surely recover and continue to perform greatly with time.

Individual Stocks

An individual stock is a stock option where you are required to build your portfolio, finalize buying and selling decisions, and stay updated with the latest activities going on within the companies you intend to invest your money in.

This implies that investors own more responsibility in handling individual stocks. Keep in mind that there are numerous benefits associated with this type of stock option.

Since you will be more involved in decision-making, you can easily scale up your earnings from this compound interest investment.

Whenever you purchase stock as an investor, keep in mind that you are buying a small portion of the company. This implies that if the company performs well, your stock will surely increase in value, whereas, when the company performs badly, your stock investment may decrease with time.

Most investors will consider buying stocks that pay dividends as a great move. Keep in mind that the more stock you purchase the more dividends you will receive over the term of your investment.

Since you cannot predict the future of most companies, you have to be careful to avoid losing your investment in high-risk stocks. If you are not sure, focus on investing in stock options with a promising future.



Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) is a company that owns and manages money-making real estate properties. With several opportunities associated with this investment, potential investors have channeled their investments to REITs.

This company made it possible for anyone to invest in real estate without buying, operating, or financing a real estate property. The good news is that you can begin your investment on nearly any capital.

However, you have to consider starting with a few thousand dollars to increase your chances of earning more interest from this investment option. Due to this mode of operation of REITs, it is seen as mutual funds.

Individual investors that took advantage of offers from REIT opportunities have earned considerably good returns from real estate investments. REITs provide a great alternative to people willing to invest directly in housing properties.

How can you invest in REITs?

To get started, you have to meet certain criteria as provided in their terms and conditions of service. You can invest in REITs by purchasing stocks within the company. You can easily resell the purchased stocks when you like.

Money Market Accounts

A money market account is an account created with financial institutions to enable investors to earn interest from their investments. In this case, your investment is not to buy and old stock. It involves saving money in your account and receiving interest from doing so.

Unlike your standard saving accounts, your money market accounts will pay you with a greater interest rate.

But before you can invest in these investment instrument, you must meet the terms and conditions of the financial institution issuing you the high-interest rate.

Several financial institutions have some restrictions guiding this type of account such as limiting the number of money transfers that you can send within a month.

Most investors often choose money market accounts over stocks and bonds as their investment is more secure.

As an investor in a money market account, you should always keep in mind that your investments have relatively lower risk compared to stocks.

Real Estate (Direct Ownership)


Real estate business has been around for thousands of years. Investors have continued to grow wealth by owning a real estate property.

In fact, some financial experts refer to real estate as one of the best compound interest investments anyone can consider.

There are two ways to invest in real estate. You either invest directly and be a direct property owner, or you invest indirectly through pooled investment channels such as REITs, Mutual funds, and ETFs, just to name a few.

Managed funds

Managed funds are administered by a fund manager. The fund manager is expected to choose the best stock option to add funds. The managed fund is mostly a managed investment scheme.

The investment manager has to decide how to treat every investor right. Unlike the individual stocks where investors have to manage their investment, the investment manager makes the decisions for investors. This implies that your money will work more often for you.

If you want to earn from managed funds, you have to find the best investment manager with many years of experience to work with. The fund manager has to be great at analyzing risks, discovering opportunities, and knowing when to invest.

Although managed funds are not the best compound interest investment on this list, you will still make great returns from taking the necessary steps.

Short-term investments


There are short term investments that may be worthy of consideration. One such short-term investment a certificate of deposit (CD).

So where can you secure this certificate of deposit?

Certificate of Deposit is issued by banks or other financial institutions to assist investors to invest money for a given period. The duration of this investment option usually spans between six months and five years.

Before you proceed with the investment, ensure that you reach a good interest rate with the financial institution. Most financial institutions may decide to offer you an interest rate based on how much you are willing to invest.


No investor could deny the role of cryptocurrencies in preparing the next generation of millionaires. The significant rise of Bitcoin within a decade made everyone see the potential of cryptocurrencies of growing wealth in the future.

Since this form of investment is still new, many people are afraid to embrace this smart and simple way of walking into millions of opportunities.

Instead of depending on the regular central authorities system like bank mode of operation, Cryptocurrencies operate using blockchain technology.

This implies that cryptocurrencies work following a decentralized pathway. As a result of its decentralized nature, investors considering security and privacy while making their investments often choose cryptocurrencies before other options. However, cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile.

This implies that you can be made a millionaire in this minute and lose everything in the next minute. The value of cryptocurrencies can rise significantly, and still lose fast without any sign.

Broad Market Index Funds


A broad market index fund monitors the performance of a massive segment of the market. Investors that consider this option focus on investing in large bonds or stocks found in a certain category.

An index fund is regarded as one of the best choices for average investors. Since an index fund monitors the performances of the 500 biggest publicly traded companies within the US, investors are provided with the best stocks that guarantee huge returns.

As an investor considering the S&P 500, you need to consider broad market index funds as the best compound interest investments.

When you own stock under this fund, keep in mind that you have invested in some of the best companies in the world, including Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and more.

When you search for low volatile investments, you should choose broad market index funds over other compound interest investments.

Industry-specific index funds

The industry-specific index funds track mostly the performance of stocks under some industries. This implies that it does not monitor the segments of the entire market.

When you consider investing in industry-specific index funds, you should devote your time to understanding how things work under such an industry.

Alternative Investment

An alternative investment is other investment types that are completely different from stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and more.

This implies that alternative investments can exist as small business investments, venture capital investments, hedge funds, and more.

Most investors prefer to go for alternative investments, as it increases their chances of making more profits from their investments.

If you are an investor searching for how to invest in compound interest investments, alternative investments should serve as another good option to consider.

But as you choose to work this option, keep in mind that alternative investments are also associated with great risk factors when compared with stocks and mutual funds.

Manivest is a great option to consider while seeking alternative investment. Mainvest is a crowdfunding service provider that enables investors to invest in Main Street small businesses found in the United States.



Bonds have several benefits as they are regarded as one of the safest instruments to invest in. A stock market may crash but not that of bond.

Often, when you buy a bond, you are buying it from the government, which guarantees its repayment irrespective of the performance of the stock market.

However, it is important to note that bonds actually perform weaker than stocks.

However, bonds are less volatile, making them much better at balancing your portfolios than stocks.

Fine Art

Fine art is a unique investment you may consider without the risk of losing your investment. You can hardly predict the returns you can make from investing in fine arts. However, returns from Fine Art take considerable long time. Its best for young folks who still have a lot of time on their side.


All investment come with its own cheer amount of risk. You are advised to only take the amount of risk you can handle. Always consult a financial expert before taking any major financial decision.

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