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In the digital era, finding ways to earn extra cash online is an attractive proposition for many. Among various options, survey apps have gained significant popularity. One such app that has been making waves in the industry is QuickThoughts. This 2023 comprehensive review will deliver an in-depth analysis of the app’s features, usability, benefits, and potential earnings. Moreover, we will examine whether QuickThoughts is a legitimate platform or just another scam in the crowded marketplace.

What is QuickThoughts?

QuickThoughts is a survey application developed by Survey Sampling International, LLC. It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. The app allows users to participate in surveys and activities, rewarding them with gift cards for their time and effort. QuickThoughts aims to offer a seamless experience, connecting businesses and organizations with individuals willing to share their opinions on various products, services, and topics.

How Does QuickThoughts Work?

Once you’ve downloaded the QuickThoughts app from the App Store or Google Play Store, signing up is straightforward. You will need to provide some basic information, including your demographics, to ensure that you’re matched with relevant surveys. The process includes:

  1. Profile Creation: Fill in personal details such as age, gender, education level, and household income. This data helps QuickThoughts tailor surveys that suit your profile.

  2. Survey Invitations: After setting up your profile, you will receive notifications about available surveys. You can also manually check the app for new survey opportunities.

  3. Completing Surveys: Each survey may vary in length and complexity. Upon completion, you will receive a reward, usually in the form of points.

  4. Redeeming Points: Accumulated points can be redeemed for popular gift cards from retailers like Amazon, iTunes, and more.

User Interface and Experience

The QuickThoughts app boasts a clean and user-friendly interface. The navigation is intuitive, making it easy for users, even those who are not tech-savvy, to find their way around. Key features like survey availability, points balance, and redemption options are prominently displayed, ensuring a seamless experience.

Feedback from users indicates that surveys are generally straightforward and take an average of 10 to 20 minutes to complete. Some users have also commented on the app’s consistency in providing surveys, though availability may vary based on demographic information.

Earnings and Rewards

One of the central aspects of survey apps is the potential to earn. QuickThoughts typically rewards between $0.50 to $3.00 per survey. Although this might not make you rich, it’s a decent way to earn some extra cash in your spare time.

The minimum redemption threshold is relatively low, with users being able to cash out once they’ve reached $10.00 worth of points. However, it’s essential to note that earnings can be inconsistent. Some users report regular survey opportunities, while others might face periods of drought.

Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate with a clean design.
  • Low Redemption Threshold: Allows users to cash out at $10.00.
  • Variety of Gift Cards: Multiple redemption options, including popular retailers like Amazon and iTunes.
  • Legitimate Earnings: Users have reported genuine, timely payouts.


  • Survey Availability: Inconsistent survey opportunities based on demographics.
  • No Cash Payouts: Rewards are only available in the form of gift cards.
  • Location Restrictions: Available primarily in the US, Canada, UK, and select countries.

Is QuickThoughts Legitimate?

QuickThoughts has been around for several years and has garnered a significant user base. Reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and the App Store generally lean towards positive, indicating that users have successfully earned rewards. Additionally, Survey Sampling International, the parent company, has a strong reputation in the survey and market research industry.

However, as with any online money-making venture, there are negative reviews to consider. Common complaints include survey disqualifications, limited survey availability, and occasional technical issues. Despite these drawbacks, the consensus suggests that QuickThoughts is a legitimate app that provides genuine rewards for survey completion.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

  1. Keep Your Profile Updated: Regularly update your demographic information to receive more surveys.
  2. Check the App Frequently: Survey opportunities can appear at any time, so frequent check-ups can increase your chances.
  3. Be Honest: Providing truthful information can help you qualify for more surveys.

Final Verdict

QuickThoughts can be a useful tool for anyone looking to earn some extra cash during their free time. While it may not replace a full-time job, the app offers a legitimate way to earn gift cards through survey participation. Its user-friendly interface, low redemption threshold, and genuine payouts make it a worthy contender in the survey app market.

✓ Short Answer

QuickThoughts is a legitimate survey app offering users a way to earn gift cards by completing surveys. With a user-friendly interface and genuine payouts, it is a good option for those looking to earn some extra cash. However, survey availability and earnings can be inconsistent, depending on user demographics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much can I earn with QuickThoughts?

Earnings can vary, but most surveys pay between $0.50 to $3.00. Regular users might earn around $10-$20 per month, depending on survey availability and participation.

2. Can I receive cash instead of gift cards?

No, QuickThoughts only offers rewards in the form of gift cards to retailers like Amazon and iTunes.

3. Are there location restrictions for using QuickThoughts?

Yes, QuickThoughts is primarily available in the US, Canada, UK, and select other countries. Availability may vary based on your location.

4. Is QuickThoughts safe to use?

QuickThoughts is run by Survey Sampling International, a reputable company in market research, making it a safe and legitimate platform for earning rewards through surveys.

5. What should I do if I don’t receive survey invitations?

Ensure your profile is complete and up-to-date. Frequently check the app, as new surveys can become available at any time.

6. How long do surveys usually take?

Most surveys take between 10 to 20 minutes to complete. However, the length can vary depending on the survey’s complexity.

7. How do I contact QuickThoughts customer support?

QuickThoughts offers customer support through the app. Navigate to the "Help" section for assistance or to submit an inquiry.

In conclusion, QuickThoughts is a legitimate and user-friendly survey app that provides an avenue for earning gift cards through survey participation. While it may not offer a consistent income stream, it remains a viable option for those looking to make some extra cash in their free time.

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