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InstaGC (Instant Gift Cards) is a popular reward-based website that allows users to earn points by completing various online activities. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards or cash. The site has been around for a while and has gathered a decent user base. In this review, we’ll be delving into the various aspects of InstaGC in 2023—analyzing how it works, its earning potential, and whether it’s worth your time.

What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site where users earn points for tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. Each activity you complete earns you points which can be converted into gift cards from major retailers or even into cash via PayPal.

How to Get Started

Getting started with InstaGC is simple and free:

  1. Sign Up: Visit and create an account. You can sign up using your email or through social media accounts like Facebook and Google.
  2. Verify: After signing up, you’ll need to verify your email and provide basic information about yourself.
  3. Start Earning: Once registered, you can start participating in various activities to earn points.

Ways to Earn Money on InstaGC

Completing Surveys

One of the primary ways to earn points on InstaGC is through surveys. Numerous market research companies partner with InstaGC, and the platform provides ample opportunities for users to share their opinions by completing surveys.

  • Earning Potential: Surveys generally pay between 50 to 200 points ($0.50 to $2) depending on their length and complexity.
  • Time Required: Surveys can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes to complete.

Watching Videos

InstaGC provides points for watching short video clips. These videos can be advertisements, trailers, or content from partners.

  • Earning Potential: Typically, watching videos pays less, usually around 1 to 2 points per video.
  • Time Required: Videos can range from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

Completing Offers

InstaGC offers a range of offers like signing up for free trials, downloading apps, or subscribing to newsletters.

  • Earning Potential: The payout varies significantly based on the offer. Some offers can pay out hundreds of points, while others might pay significantly less.
  • Time Required: Completing an offer can range from a few minutes to longer durations depending on the complexity.

Online Shopping

Users can earn cash back in the form of points when they make purchases through InstaGC-affiliated retailers.

  • Earning Potential: Cash back rates vary but can range between 1% to 10% of your purchase amount.
  • Time Required: Simply shop as you normally would, but ensure you start your shopping journey through InstaGC’s portal.

Additional Methods

Other ways to earn include searching the web using InstaGC’s search engine, participating in contests, and referring friends to the platform.

How Much Money Can You Make with InstaGC?

The burning question—how much can you actually make with InstaGC? The answer depends on several factors, including how much time you’re willing to invest and the types of activities you engage in.

Average Earnings

On average, users report earning between $30 to $50 per month if they are moderately active on the platform. For those who dedicate more time, it’s possible to earn up to $100 or slightly more, but this requires a substantial investment of time.

Maximum Earnings

While not typical, some users have reported earnings upwards of $200 per month, especially those who take advantage of high-paying offers and referrals.

Is It Worth It?

InstaGC is not a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if you’re looking to make some extra pocket money or earn gift cards in your spare time, it’s a viable option. It won’t replace your full-time job, but for a bit of side income, it’s worthwhile.

✓ Short Answer

InstaGC offers a variety of ways to earn money online, including surveys, watching videos, and completing offers. While the platform won’t make you rich, dedicated users can expect to earn between $30 to $50 per month, with the potential to earn more through selective high-paying activities and referrals.

Payment Options

InstaGC offers multiple redemption options:

  1. Gift Cards: Points can be redeemed for gift cards from a variety of popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target.
  2. Cash: Points can be converted to cash and transferred via PayPal, Bitcoin, or bank transfer.
  3. Other Rewards: Occasionally, InstaGC also offers other prizes or special offers.

User Experience and Customer Support

InstaGC generally receives positive reviews for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. The site’s design is straightforward, making it simple to navigate and find ways to earn points.

Customer Support: InstaGC offers multiple support options, including a help forum, FAQs, and a ticketing system for queries. The support team is known to be responsive and helpful.

Pros and Cons


  1. Variety of Earning Options: With multiple ways to earn, there’s something for everyone.
  2. Low Cash-Out Threshold: Users can redeem rewards with as little as $1.
  3. Multiple Payment Options: Flexibility in payment methods is a plus.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Easy to navigate, making it accessible to everyone.


  1. Low Earning Potential: Earnings, while not insignificant, are not high enough to replace a full-time job.
  2. Time-Consuming: Some tasks, especially low-paying ones, can be time-consuming.
  3. Limited Availability: Some offers and surveys may not be available in all regions.


What is InstaGC?

InstaGC is a rewards platform where users earn points by completing various online activities. These points can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

How Do I Sign Up for InstaGC?

Visit and register using your email or social media accounts. You’ll need to verify your email to start earning.

How Much Can I Earn on InstaGC?

On average, users can earn between $30 to $50 per month, but dedicated users can earn more, especially through high-paying offers and referrals.

What Are the Payment Options?

Users can redeem points for gift cards, PayPal cash, Bitcoin, or bank transfers.

Is InstaGC Legit?

Yes, InstaGC is a legitimate site and has been in operation for several years with a positive reputation among users.

Are There Any Fees?

Joining InstaGC is free, and there are no hidden fees for redeeming your earnings.

How Do Referrals Work?

You can earn additional points by referring friends to InstaGC. You receive a percentage of the points they earn.

What Is the Minimum Payout?

The minimum payout is $1, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash.

Can I Use InstaGC on Mobile?

Yes, InstaGC is mobile-friendly, and you can complete tasks and earn points using your mobile device.

In summary, InstaGC is a viable option for those looking to earn extra money online through a variety of activities. While it won’t make you rich, the platform does offer a legitimate opportunity to make some pocket money or earn gift cards in your spare time.

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