Last updated Jun. 19, 2024 by Peter Jakes

Managing finances amid rising grocery prices is crucial. A list of 39 affordable foods can help you stay nourished on a budget. Staples like rice, beans, lentils, pasta, and canned tomatoes are versatile and cheap. Budget-friendly vegetables include carrots, potatoes, onions, and frozen veggies. Whole chickens, eggs, oats, peanut butter, bananas, and cabbage are cost-effective. Canned tuna, bread, apples, garlic, flour, yogurt, and cheese can be economized. Other options include sweet potatoes, cornmeal, spinach, broccoli, canned corn, ramen, milk, popcorn, tea, canned fruit, baked goods mixes, tomato paste, and bulk spices. Focus on buying whole foods, utilize sales, and consider growing some food to save more.

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