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In an age where the cost of living continues to rise, finding ways to save money has become increasingly popular. One savvy strategy many have found effective is obtaining gift cards for everyday purchases. Walmart, being one of the largest retailers in the world, offers customers endless opportunities to save on groceries, electronics, clothing, and much more. Here is a comprehensive guide outlining 19 easy ways to get free Walmart gift cards in 2023.

1. Survey Websites

Swagbucks: Earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for Walmart gift cards.

Survey Junkie: Participate in surveys and get rewarded with points. These points can then be converted into Walmart gift cards.

2. Cashback Apps

Ibotta: Shop through Ibotta’s partner stores and get cashback. You can then cash out your earnings as a Walmart gift card.

Rakuten: Formerly known as Ebates, it offers cashback for shopping at various retailers. After reaching a certain cashback threshold, you can choose to receive a Walmart gift card as your payment.

3. Receipt-Scanning Apps

Fetch Rewards: Scan your grocery receipts to earn points that can be redeemed for Walmart gift cards.

Receipt Hog: Another great app that rewards you for scanning receipts. Collect coins, and once you have enough, redeem them for Walmart gift cards.

4. Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

Kroger Rewards: If you frequently shop at Kroger or its family of stores, you can convert your accumulated points into Walmart gift cards.

5. Credit Card Rewards

Certain credit cards offer points for every dollar spent. Once you gather enough points, these can often be converted into Walmart gift cards. Make sure to check your credit card’s reward program details.

6. Promotional Offers

Keep an eye out for promotional deals that include free Walmart gift cards with purchase. Retailers and brands frequently collaborate with Walmart to offer these perks.

7. Sweepstakes and Contests

Participate in various sweepstakes or contests that offer Walmart gift cards as prizes. Often, these contests require minimal effort, like filling out a form or sharing a post.

8. Trade-In Programs

Walmart frequently offers trade-in programs where you can exchange old electronics for gift cards. Check their website for current trade-in options.

9. Rewards for Fitness

Achievement: Get rewarded for tracking your steps and other activities. Points can be redeemed for Walmart gift cards.

10. Virtual Gaming

Mistplay: Play mobile games and earn points that can be redeemed for Walmart gift cards. It’s a fun way to earn rewards during your leisure time.

11. Online Market Research

Join platforms dedicated to market research, like Vindale Research. Complete studies and receive Walmart gift cards as part of your payments.

12. Utilize Browser Extensions

Honey: Install a browser extension like Honey, which automatically applies the best coupon codes and rewards cash back on your purchases. Redeem your cash back for Walmart gift cards.

13. Social Media Giveaways

Follow Walmart and other partnering brands on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Be on the lookout for their giveaway posts offering free gift cards.

14. Email Subscriptions

Subscribe to email newsletters from your favorite retailers and brands. Oftentimes, they send out special offers including Walmart gift cards to their subscribers.

15. Referral Programs

Introduce friends and family to various apps and services that offer Walmart gift cards for referrals. Both you and your referred party often get rewarded.

16. Focus Groups

Participate in focus groups and get paid in Walmart gift cards. Websites like User Interviews and frequently offer gift cards as compensation.

17. Shopping Portal Rewards

RetailMeNot Rewards, for instance, gives you additional cashback offers that can be converted to Walmart gift cards when shopping through their portal.

18. Competitions and Challenges

Check platforms like HealthyWage, where you participate in weight-loss challenges for cash rewards, which can be redeemed as Walmart gift cards.

19. Loyalty Programs from Utility Services

Some utility services, like cell phone providers, may offer points or rewards programs. These points can sometimes be exchanged for Walmart gift cards.


Getting free Walmart gift cards has never been easier thanks to a multitude of platforms, apps, and programs available in 2023. A little bit of effort can go a long way in saving you money on your next Walmart shopping trip. Choose the methods that best fit your lifestyle and start reaping the benefits today!

✓ Short Answer

Maximize your savings at Walmart by leveraging platforms like survey websites, cashback apps, receipt-scanning apps, and promotional offers. Use reward programs from credit cards, browser extensions, and refer-a-friend schemes for even more gift cards. Stay updated on social media giveaways and participate in fitness applications or market research programs for additional ways to earn. With minimal effort, you can significantly save on your next Walmart shopping spree in 2023.


Q1: Are these methods safe?
Yes, the listed methods are generally safe if you stick to reputable websites and apps. However, always exercise caution and read user reviews before providing personal information.

Q2: Do I need to spend money to get free Walmart gift cards?
Not necessarily. While some methods, such as cashback apps, require purchases to earn rewards, many other methods like surveys, receipt scanning, and social media giveaways do not.

Q3: How fast can I earn a gift card?
The speed at which you can earn a Walmart gift card varies by method. Some, like surveys or receipt-scanning, offer quick points accumulation, while others like loyalty programs may take longer.

Q4: Can I combine multiple methods to earn more gift cards?
Absolutely! Using a combination of methods will enable you to accumulate points and rewards faster, leading to multiple gift cards over time.

Q5: Can I use multiple gift cards in one transaction at Walmart?
Yes, Walmart allows you to use multiple gift cards in one transaction, both online and in-store.

With these 19 strategies, you’re well on your way to filling your wallet with free Walmart gift cards, making your shopping endeavors more rewarding and budget-friendly. Happy shopping!

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