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Gift cards can be a perfect present, but sometimes they go unused. Instead of letting them collect dust, why not convert them into cash instantly? Various platforms enable you to sell unwanted gift cards for quick cash. In 2023, these websites promise a hassle-free, secure, and efficient way to make the most out of unused gift cards. Below, we’ll dive into 18 of the top websites and provide a detailed FAQ section to address common questions.

1. CardCash

CardCash is a popular platform where users can sell their gift cards for up to 92% of their value. Users appreciate its straightforward process, free shipping for physical cards, and a large variety of retailers.

2. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny aggregates offers from various vendors, providing users with numerous selling options. They offer instant quotes and quick payments via multiple avenues, including PayPal and direct deposit.

3. Raise

Raise stands out due to its vast marketplace and flexible pricing. You can list your gift card at your preferred price, and once it sells, you receive a payout via PayPal, direct deposit, or check.

4. Cardpool

Cardpool guarantees payments up to 92% of the card’s value and offers options for either an Amazon e-gift card or direct deposit. Free shipping is also available for physical cards.

5. ClipKard

ClipKard simplifies the selling process by allowing users to get instant quotes and free shipping. They offer payments through postal check or PayPal.

6. Gameflip

Gameflip isn’t just limited to gift cards; users can also sell in-game items, digital goods, and more. The platform provides quick payments through various methods including PayPal and Bitcoin.

7. GiftCash

GiftCash provides a smooth selling experience with competitive offers for your unwanted cards. Payments are processed quickly and securely via e-transfer.

8. CardSwap

CardSwap guarantees fast cash for your gift cards, offering up to 90% of their value. The platform ensures secure transactions and quick payouts.

9. Paxful

While primarily a cryptocurrency marketplace, Paxful also allows users to exchange gift cards for Bitcoin, providing a modern twist to traditional selling methods.

10. EJ Gift Cards

Specializing in buying and selling discounted gift cards, EJ Gift Cards offers payouts via PayPal, direct deposit, or check. Users can expect secure and efficient transactions.

11. Zingoy

Popular in India, Zingoy offers an online marketplace for both physical and e-gift cards. They ensure secure transactions and hassle-free payment methods.

12. CoinCola

Like Paxful, CoinCola allows users to sell gift cards for Bitcoin, which can then be converted to cash or other cryptocurrencies. This platform suits those familiar with digital currencies.

13. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo buys unwanted gift cards and pays top dollar. They offer free shipping for physical cards, and users can choose between a check or PayPal for payments.

14. CardSell

CardSell ensures security and speed in their transactions, offering payments through PayPal once your gift card is verified.

15. ABCGiftCards

ABCGiftCards offers an intuitive platform for users to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash. They provide free postage for mailed cards and swift payouts.

16. GiftCardBin

Users can visit a physical GiftCardBin location or use their website to get instant quotes and quick payments, making it convenient for those who prefer in-person transactions.

17. BuyBackWorld

Primarily known for buying electronics, BuyBackWorld also purchases gift cards. They offer competitive rates and secure, fast payments.

18. Prepaid2Cash

Prepaid2Cash specializes in converting prepaid cards into cash, providing a straightforward process and multiple payout options including direct deposit and PayPal.

✓ Short Answer

CardCash, Raise, and Gameflip are top websites to sell gift cards for quick cash in 2023. They offer competitive payouts, user-friendly processes, and secure transactions. Most platforms provide various payment options like PayPal, direct deposit, and checks to accommodate different user preferences.


1. How do I sell my gift card online?

First, choose a reputable website from the list above. Enter your gift card details to get a quote, then follow the instructions to send your card. Once verified, you’ll receive payment through your chosen method.

2. Is it safe to sell gift cards online?

Yes, using reputable platforms with strong security measures ensures your transactions are safe. Always check reviews and ratings of the website before proceeding.

3. How fast can I get paid?

Many platforms offer instant quotes and quick payments, typically within 24-48 hours. Some may take longer, depending on the verification process and payment method chosen.

4. What payment methods are available?

Common payment methods include PayPal, direct deposits, checks, and sometimes Bitcoin. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

5. Do I need to provide the physical card?

Some platforms accept e-gift cards and codes without needing the physical card, while others require you to mail in physical cards. Check specific platform requirements.

6. What if my gift card has a partial balance?

Most websites accept gift cards with partial balances but may have minimum balance requirements. Always check the terms and conditions.

7. Are there any fees involved?

Fees vary by platform; some may offer free services, while others might charge a small percentage. Be sure to read the fine print before proceeding.

8. Can I sell gift cards from any retailer?

Most platforms accept a wide range of retailers, but availability can vary. Check the website’s list of accepted brands before selling.

9. What should I do if the website doesn’t accept my card?

If your chosen platform doesn’t accept your card, check other sites on this list as acceptance policies can vary.

10. How do I know if I’m getting a fair price?

Comparing quotes from multiple websites ensures you get the best deal. Remember, payout percentages vary, and some platforms may offer bonuses or special promotions.

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