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12 Items You Can Sell Now to Get a Quick Buck

In today’s fast-paced world, many of us are looking for quick ways to make some extra cash. There’s good news: You probably have more resources at your disposal than you realize. Let’s dive into the 12 items you can sell now to get a quick buck, followed by a helpful FAQ section to guide you through the selling process.

1. Old Electronics

Electronics like old smartphones, tablets, and laptops hold significant resale value, especially if they’re still functional. Websites like Gazelle, Swappa, or even eBay can fetch you a decent sum. Make sure to erase all personal data before selling.

2. Designer Clothes and Shoes

High-end fashion items, even if gently used, can bring in a good amount of cash. Platforms like Poshmark, ThredUP, and The RealReal specialize in reselling designer clothes, bags, and shoes.

3. Gift Cards

Unused gift cards are like money sitting idle. Websites like Cardpool or Raise allow you to sell gift cards for cash, usually for up to 92% of their face value.

4. Furniture

Furniture, especially well-maintained items or those with a vintage appeal, can quickly find a new home. Try selling on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or local consignment shops.

5. Books and Textbooks

Books, particularly college textbooks, can be resold to platforms like BookScouter or Amazon. Rare or collectible books can fetch even higher prices.

6. Handmade Crafts

If you’re crafty, Etsy is a fantastic platform where you can sell your handmade items ranging from home décor, jewelry, to knitted goods. Ensure you take high-quality photos to attract buyers.

7. Sporting Equipment

Old bikes, tennis rackets, or golf clubs that you no longer use can be resold on platforms like Play It Again Sports or eBay. Make sure to clean and ideally repair any minor damages to increase resale value.

8. Vintage or Unwanted Jewelry

Gold, silver, and precious stones are always in demand. You can sell such items to local pawn shops, jewelry stores, or websites like Worthy or CashforGoldUSA for a fair assessment and payment.

9. Old Toys and Board Games

Nostalgia sells! Toys and board games from the ’80s and ’90s, and particularly those in good condition, can be sold for a handsome profit. Platforms include eBay, Craigslist, and specialized vintage toy stores.

10. Kitchen Appliances

Unused kitchen gadgets, like mixers, blenders, or even coffee machines, can be quickly sold on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Ensure they are clean and in working condition.

11. Unused Beauty Products

People are always on the lookout for deals on high-quality beauty products. If you have unused, unopened beauty items, consider selling them on platforms like Glambot or Mercari.

✓ Short Answer

Whether it’s old electronics, designer clothes, gift cards, furniture, or textbooks, you likely have items around your home that can easily be converted to cash. Explore online platforms like eBay, Craigslist, or Etsy for quick sales.

12. Collectibles and Memorabilia

Everything from comic books, sports memorabilia, to stamps and coins can have significant value to the right collector. Specialized auction sites like Heritage Auctions or general marketplaces like eBay can help you connect with buyers.


1. Where is the best place to sell my items?

The best platform depends on what you’re selling. For electronics, Gazelle or Swappa are great. Etsy is optimal for handmade crafts, whereas clothing might fetch more on Poshmark or ThredUP. Always check multiple platforms for the best prices.

2. How should I price my items?

Research similar items, considering factors like condition, demand, and original price. Setting competitive yet realistic prices can ensure quicker sales.

3. What should I do before selling electronics?

Ensure all personal data is erased through a factory reset. Cleaning the item can also boost its appeal. Keep original packaging and accessories, if possible, to increase value.

4. How can I ensure a safe transaction?

Always meet in public places if selling locally. For online transactions, use platforms that offer seller protection. Never ship items until you receive full payment.

5. Is it worth selling damaged items?

Some buyers look for items to repair or refurbish. If the damage is minor, mention it in the listing and price accordingly. For high-value items, even as-is condition can attract buyers.

6. Can I sell internationally?

Yes, many platforms offer international shipping. Just be aware of shipping costs, customs fees, and the potential risks associated with international transactions.

7. How fast can I usually sell my items?

Sales speed varies. High-demand items like certain electronics or brand-name clothes can sell in just a few days, whereas niche collectibles might take longer. Good photos and clear, honest descriptions can speed up the process.

8. Should I consider a yard sale?

Yard sales can be a quick way to get rid of multiple items at once. They’re best for low-to-mid value items since local buyers at yard sales typically look for bargains.

9. How do I handle returns?

Clearly state your return policy in your listing. Many platforms allow you to specify no returns, but offering returns can make buyers more comfortable, possibly speeding up the sale.

10. Are there fees for selling online?

Most platforms have seller fees, whether it’s a percentage of the sale price or a fixed listing fee. Be sure to factor these into your pricing strategy to ensure you still make a profit.

11. What payment methods are best?

Secure options like PayPal, Venmo, or direct bank transfers are recommended. Avoid accepting checks due to the risk of fraud.

12. Can I donate items instead of selling?

Donating is a great alternative if selling proves difficult. Many charities will accept a range of items, and you might even get a tax deduction for your donation.

Converting unused items into cash is a practical and often speedy way to declutter your life and boost your wallet. By utilizing the right platforms and being strategic about your sales, you can turn potential waste into valuable income. Happy selling!

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