Dollar to Naira Today Black Market

Today’s Black Market PriceCurrencyBlack Market (Aboki)
Buying Amount
Black Market (Aboki)
Selling Amount
Friday 03, February, 2023Dollar to Naira
Friday 03, February, 2023Euro to Naira767775
Friday 03, February, 2023Pound Sterling to Naira641662
Today’s Central Bank (CBN) Official Exchange Rate Price for all world currency
Friday 03, February, 2023

Dollar to Naira Today Black Market Price

People are inquiring about the latest black market dollar to the naira exchange rate. According to Bureau De Change (BDC) sources, the dollar is bought at N592 and sold at N610.

100 dollar to Naira.

With the current prevailing rate, if you have some dollars you want to change to the naira, for example, to change 100 Dollar to Naira, you will receive N59200 from Aboki. And if you have Naira and wants to get dollar, you will have to commit N61,000 in order to get 100 dollars.

Aboki dollar to Naira today

The Aboki Dollar to Naira today’s price indicates that the naira has again slid, resulting in higher prices of imported and local commodities.

The dollar to naira parallel market seems highly unstable, and therefore it is difficult to accurately calculate the exact cost of any project, as you would need to know the naira black market rate for today to make a reliable price estimate for your contracts or projects.

The Naira, the country’s currency, fell to N610 per dollar on the parallel market in Lagos and Abuja over the weekend, increasing the gap between official and parallel market exchange rates to N193.

In other places, including Enugu, Asaba, and Sagamu, the selling exchange rate hovered between N600 and N605 per dollar.

CBN Dollar to Naira Rate

The Central Bank of Nigeria’s (CBN) inability to meet forex exchange demands has often resulted in the public resorting to the black market for the purchase of dollars, despite the fact that the black market is not recognized by the CBN.

The current CBN rate for the dollar to Naira today is pegged at N415.22, which is a wide margin when compared with the unrecognized black market price.

GTBank Dollar to Naira Exchange Rate

On GTBank website, GTBank dollar to naira exchange rate is pegged at N491, well above the CBN flat rate. The dollar to Naira rates appears to vary from bank to bank. These dollar to naira rates and naira to dollar conversion prices are often very fluid, and dynamic, as changes in rates can occur at any moment as the forces of Forex demand and supply come to play.

Possible reason of the slide in the dollar to Naira currency pair

According to bureau de change sources, the recent jump in the black market exchange rate of the dollar is attributable to increased political activity, as political parties hold their primaries. Whether the aboki dollar to naira today black market price rate will be sustained for a long time after the political primaries are concluded is currently unpredictable.