Does Walmart Make Keys

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Walmart is a retail store that sells all kinds of products. It is also known for offering different kinds of services one of which includes key making.

Walmart makes and duplicates keys. However, it doesn’t make all kinds of keys. It makes car, home, and standard keys. It doesn’t make keys transponder keys.

Walmart also offers key-cutting services.

How Much Does It Cost To Make Key At Walmart?

Key-making services at Walmart cost between $2 to $4 depending on the type of key.

If you want to perform laser engraving on your key, it costs around $3 to $5 per key engraved.

Most Walmart stores have a key-making machine in the hardware department. These kiosks, called Key Centers, are operated by an independent company called InstaKey.

While most Key Centers in Walmart can copy a wide variety of keys, not all of them can duplicate car keys or produce transponder keys. To be certain about the type of key services offered in your local Walmart store, you have to visit the Walmart website of your city.

If the local Walmart store in your area doesn’t offer key duplicating services for some keys, you can visit your local locksmith or auto parts stores like AutoZone or PepBoys.

MinuteKey is a business that makes keys, copies keys, and cut keys. It has its kiosk in almost all popular retail stores in the United States and Canada.


How do I make keys at Walmart?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make keys in Walmart:

  • Choose Your Key Type – MinuteKey kiosk in Walmart will guide you through selecting the type of key you want. The experts will also help to select a custom design for your key.
  • Enter Key Information – Insert your blank key into the key-making machine and follow the instructions on the screen to enter your key information.
  • Insert Payment – Most machines require you to swipe your credit card while other machines will require you to insert coins or tokens.
  • Press Green Start Button – press the green start button to begin creating your key!

When you insert your credit or debit card into the MinuteKey Kiosk machine, you will be asked to select the Key Blank you want for your key. When you make a selection, the next step will require you to insert your original key into the MinuteKey kiosk.

Your original key can’t be removed once inserted until the copying process is completed. When the copying of your original key is completed, you will be required to insert the Blank material into the machine. The Blank material can’t be removed until the copying process is completed.

Once the copying process is completed, the machine will present you with a new copy of your original key.

What is a MinuteKey Kiosk?

The MinuteKey kiosk was manufactured by KIOSK Information Systems (KIOSK). The company is based in Denver, Colorado, USA.

This kiosk is known for creating copies of keys. It can be found in popular retail stores like Walmart. There are over 2000 minute key kiosks in the different Walmart stores across the world.

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