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Finding cheap gas can be a real pain. But there’s good news! The internet has made it easy to find cheap gas stations/dealers near you.

Here are some of our favorite apps for finding stations that sell cheap gas.


GasBuddy is a great app that lets you find the cheapest gas near you. GasBuddy is available on iOS and Android devices. It also has a web version.

It offers a rewards program that provides you with free gas if you sign up with your credit card information.

Additionally, GasBuddy offers a mobile app that can be downloaded on any smartphone or tablet device. With the app, you can easily find the best deal on fuel within 100 miles of your current location.


Waze www.paypant.com

Waze is a navigation and traffic app that uses crowd-sourced data to provide you with real-time traffic info.

Waze’s user base consists of people seeking alternative routes that enables them to beat traffic. Hence, Waze has access to crowdsourced information on cheap gas stations.

Aside from being a navigation app, Waze is an app that notifies you of roadblocks and accidents. It shows you this information on its map to prevent you from battling with traffic.

Waze also recommends routes with lesser traffic which enables you to save on gas.

Fuel Finder

Fuel Finder is a free app for iOS and Android. It uses crowdsourcing data to find the cheapest gas stations in your area and other areas around you.

Fuel Finder’s database is updated every 10 minutes. Hence, it updates you on new gas deals.

This app also comes with valuable features like trip planning and an activity log that shows how much money you’ve saved by using less gas.

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is a free app for iOS and Android that helps you find the best gas prices at nearby stations. Gas Guru searches for the cheapest gas prices at nearby stations and shows them on a map.

With over 7 million gas stations in its database, Gas Guru can help you save money on your next fill-up. Gas Guru also lets users get notifications about price changes.


Gas Cubator is a free app that enables you to find the cheapest gas stations near you.

Once you’ve downloaded and enabled the app on your phone, choose your preferences from a list of categories:- road, city, or zip code. After that, enter your target price. GasCubator will notify you when gas price drops to your target price.

My Miles Matter

MyMilesMatter is an excellent app for finding cheap gas near you.

With this app, you can track your miles, see the gas price at nearby stations, and set up notifications when prices drop at the station where you regularly fill up.

MyMilesMatter also makes it easy to find a station with a low price in your area by letting you search by location or zip code.

Good Gas

Good Gas is a free app that helps you to find the cheapest gas stations near you.

It uses crowdsourcing and other technology to determine gas prices, so it’s not as accurate as the other apps on this list.

Good gas app comes with a sleek interface. Some of the tools it performs include:

  • A gas price alert feature that sends notifications when prices change
  • The ability to bookmark stations and add them to your favorites list
  • An easy way to share information with friends

“Where To” for IOS and “Gas Finder” for Android

This app provides a list of gas stations near your current location. You can also search for a specific gas station by name or address.

In addition, the app allows you to find the cheapest gas in your area. It also provides information on the brand of fuel each station offers.

“Where To,” which is compatible with IOS devices, shows gas stations with car wash services, restaurants, and hotels. It also enables you to view gas stations with an electric vehicle charging station.

Gas Prices by MapQuest

Gas Prices by MapQuest www.paypant.com

This app shows the prices of gas in stations near you. You can also explore the world of cheap fuel by entering your current location or address into the search bar at the top of the screen.

You can also narrow down results by clicking on one of three buttons – city limits, within 25 miles or 50 miles of your current location or address.

The Shell App

Shell App www.paypant.com

The Shell app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, allows you to find gas stations near you.

It enables you to search for gas stations by their price and fuel type. This app also discovers your current locations in order to provide you with information on cheap gas stations near you.


GasBags is a free app for Android and iOS devices. It’s available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

This app allows you to find cheap gas stations near you. It also tracks your fuel consumption and reveals where its other users get affordable gas. This app compares the prices of different gas stations in order to present you with the cheapest.

GasBags also enables you to add any gas station that isn’t listed in its database.

GasBag’s user interface is straightforward and easy to navigate. It has functionalities that allow you to connect different vehicles to an account.

In addition, GasBag enables you to share information about your trip on social media platforms

AllStays Camp & RV

AllStays Camp & RV www.paypant.com

With the AllStay app, you can do the following:

  • Find campgrounds, RV parks, and more in the AllStays app.
  • Search for rest stops and gas stations with the Truck Stop Locator.
  • Get directions to each place you want to visit with an interactive map.

How to Find the Cheapest Gas Stations Near You

To prevent gas prices from eating into your budgets, here’s how to find the cheapest gas stations near you with the use of GasBuddy app.

Gas Buddy is a free app that works with your phone’s GPS. With this app, you can find the cheapest gas stations by entering your zip code.

This app also informs you of gas stations with long lines in order to prevent you from waiting in queues.

Is there an app that tells you the cheapest gas prices?

There’s an app for everything. And yes! There are apps that inform you of stations with cheap gas prices.

GasBuddy is one of those apps. It’s a free app that uses crowdsourcing to let you know which stations around you have the cheapest gas.

Gas Guru has a similar function and is also free—the main difference is that it doesn’t rely on crowdsourcing but on the developers’ data collection efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Upside a good app?

Yes! Upside is a good app that enables you to organize receipts and keep track of your spending.

Is the GasBuddy card free?

Yes! GasBuddy Card is free. You won’t be charged to sign up for the GasBuddy card.

When you sign up online at GasBuddy.com, you can enter your email address and password. After this, a verification link will be sent to your emails. When your email is verified, you can using the GasBuddy card.

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