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Last updated Mar. 12, 2023 by Charles Zemub

If you want to get an internet phone number, there are a lot of options. Most people don’t realize how many ways to get an internet phone number.

People are often surprised when I tell them there are so many options for getting an internet phone number, but it’s true! So here’s everything you need to know about how to get an Internet Phone Number.


Search for a _VANITY_ NUMBER. Vanity numbers are telephone numbers that start with a letter and are available via the North American Numbering Plan Administration, or NANPA.

This means that you can have your unique phone number, like [Lota] ( or [meow]( They’re trendy in the US and UK and used in Australia and other countries worldwide.


VoIP services are another option. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a system that allows you to make phone calls over the internet. You can use VoIP with both landline and mobile phones, meaning you don’t need to buy a new phone just because you want an internet number.

VoIP is not always the cheapest option, but it can be used in many places worldwide because it uses your existing data connection (like Wi-Fi) instead of traditional phone lines.

This means that if you travel outside of Canada often, having an internet number might be better than buying expensive local SIM cards every time you go abroad.


You can use your Cable Company or cell phone provider to get an internet phone number.

Add a second line. If you don’t already have a second line, it probably won’t cost much for them to add one; this will allow you to receive calls from any source, not just those calling your home or cell phone numbers. Be sure that the caller ID on this new line matches the number of the business/service you are trying to set up.

Use a smartphone app. Some apps let users make calls over Wi-Fi networks; this is especially handy if your office has free Wi-Fi available. However, remember that these methods may result in higher fees than traditional landlines (though they are generally less expensive than conventional landlines).

Using a VOIP service instead of your cable company’s second line or adding a smartphone app would probably be preferable because these services generally charge lower rates than most other options available today.

Though there are some limitations, such as needing an internet connection at all times while making calls through these platforms, so if neither option sounds appealing, then perhaps another option below might suit better.


You can use a phone-to-email service to get a free phone number.


If you want an internet phone number but don’t want to spend money on a new phone, an answering service is one way to go. An answering service is a great way to stay connected while retaining your local area code and avoiding international fees.

Most free services allow you to choose your customized greeting message and can be used as a virtual receptionist for incoming calls. Some even offer routing calls based on the number dialed (e.g., route all incoming calls from mobile phones directly into voicemail).


The easiest way to get a free phone number is to use your existing home phone number, landline, or cell phone. All you have to do is pick up the receiver and dial like you usually would. If you want a different area code or city for your internet-based business, it’s generally easy to get one of these numbers.

You can also use any VOIP number you own for incoming calls (like an AT&T U-verse or Comcast Xfinity account).

This will require some extra work but can be done if you’re comfortable changing how some things work on the software side.


The first and most obvious way to get an internet phone number is via Google Voice. Google Voice is a free service that lets you make calls from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

You can choose a phone number in any area code (including toll-free numbers), and it will ring your regular phone whenever someone dials it. You can also use chat messaging with the app while on another device.


If you want an internet phone number, one of the best ways to get one is to get a second landline. There are several ways to do this:

Your cable company might offer this service but ask first. You’ll probably need a new modem and router, which can be expensive.

Some cell phone providers also offer it through their plans. Check with yours before signing up for a second line.

VoIP companies like Vonage or ooma are another option—they’ll give you two separate numbers on two different networks (so they’ll ring simultaneously). It’s great if you want to keep your home number private but still have access to internet calling features.



Download a smartphone app. While there are many options, we recommend that you use Google Voice. It’s free, reliable, and easy to set up.

Download the internet phone number app of your choice on your mobile device. For example, if you’re using an iPhone or an Android phone (or tablet), download either Cisco Spark’s Cisco Call+ for iOS or Android (see below).

If you’re using an iPad or iPod Touch device instead of an iPhone or Android phone/tablet—or if you don’t have access to either type of device—you can also try Apple’s FaceTime service by downloading it onto any compatible computer system running macOS High Sierra or newer versions of macOS operating systems (macOS Mojave 10.14+).


  • You can get a local internet provider.
  • You can get a local phone number.
  • You can get a local phone number and internet service.
  • You may get all this with no up-front cost or a low monthly fee (or even free).


You can also get an internet phone number from a school or office if they have unused phones during the day.

If there aren’t many students or employees on campus or in the office, you may be able to use their phone lines to make calls—even if you don’t have a landline phone or cell phone.


While an 800 number isn’t the most widely used of all the internet phone numbers, it is the easiest to get. It’s also one of the most recognizable, so if you’re trying to build a brand or make a big impression with your business, this is probably the way to go.

And lastly, 800 numbers are also known as toll-free numbers. Anyone who calls you can be charged zero dollars and zero cents by their phone carrier as long as they hail from within your local area code (if not local, then long distance will apply).


USENET providers are still around, and some of them have phone numbers. They aren’t always reliable or cheap, but if you can find one that suits your needs, it could be a good option.


You get a 1-800 number, but you don’t have to pay for a physical phone line.

You can set up your virtual PBX system in your office or home with just one computer and an internet connection.

A virtual PBX works like having an automated receptionist on speed dial. Instead of having to answer calls yourself, you can program your callers into receiving specific greetings and questions before connecting them to the person they’re trying to reach by pressing “0” when prompted by the automated voice on the line (or saying “operator” if there’s no option for 0).

If someone leaves a voicemail message or sends an email or text message that gets routed through the system first (instead of directly), it’ll also receive those messages in real-time, so you know when people are trying to reach you.

Go to the FCC website and fill out a Captcha to get an email address.

The FCC website has a tool that allows you to type in your internet number and receive an email address. This works via a Captcha, an obfuscated string of text that’s supposed to be difficult for computers but easy for people.

If you’re lucky enough to have a phone number from the FCC, this will help secure your email address.

The FCC email address can also be used as part of your signature for any other account that doesn’t already have one (such as GitHub).

This can help differentiate yourself from others who use this type of number and make it easier for others to find out about your identity online.

virtual phone number free

If you’re not a big fan of getting calls from telemarketers every five seconds trying to sell you something, then a virtual phone number is the perfect solution.

Ply a number that can’t be traced back to you. The only contact information is an email address, and the telephone number rings to an answering service that doesn’t provide any personal information about the owner of the virtual phone number.

A virtual phone number is perfect if you don’t want your business to be associated with your actual phone number.

If you do freelance work or run a small business, keeping your personal information separate from your business information is always good practice.

Your clients will appreciate not being able to call you at home when they have questions about their order.

A virtual phone number can also make sense if you’re starting a new business and need people to trust that it’s legitimate without having had time yet to build up your reputation in the community.

If there are telemarketers that won’t leave you alone, or if there are other reasons why it would be nice for people to be able to contact you but not have access to any personal information about you, then getting a virtual phone number might be worth considering.

how to get a phone number without a phone

Google Voice is one example, but many others will give you an actual phone number to make and receive internet calls.

For example, you can download the FreedomPop, TextNow, or TextFree apps from their respective websites.


How can I get a phone number from the Internet?

Depending on your situation, there are many ways to get a phone number from the Internet. Here are some different methods:

1. Calling directory service companies. Most of these companies have websites that allow you to search for numbers. One such example is

You will be able to find the information you need with only an address, or even without any address at all.

2. Calling internet providers and asking them to look up someone’s name and phone number. If you call your provider, chances are they will tell you that they only look up the name, but if you ask several different providers, someone might be willing to help you (or at least give you their referral list).

3. Using a cell phone number lookup service – It is possible to find people’s cell phone numbers using services like 411pioneer.

These services can be beneficial in various situations, but read the fine print before using them to know what they do and do not offer.


What is a Google phone number?

Google Voice is a free service that allows you to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages from any computer or mobile device.

Since Google supports it, some unique features can’t be found in your typical phone provider.

A Google Phone number can be used with the free Google Voice app for iPhone or Android or via their website at

Any calls or text messages sent to your Google number will be delivered via your preferred platform, email, or the app on your connected device.

And with the app, you can make calls from your smartphone without paying for minutes or entering any numbers into your Contacts list.

Google Voice offers many additional features in the paid version of its service (for example, transcription of voice mails).

However, whether you pay for these extra features is entirely up to you; they’re all available in the app’s free version.

How do I get a Gmail phone number?

You can get a phone number for your Google Voice account directly from your Gmail account, but the process is pretty involved. You’ll have to:

Set up a Google Voice account

Link that Google Voice account to your phone number

Redeem a Google Voice promo code to get a free call credit

You’ll also need to use a mobile device like an iPhone or Android. You’ll have to pay $20 for the service if you want to use a landline.

Can I create? Te Google phone number?

YES, you can create a Google number and use it however you want.

When creating the number in this case, we’ll call it 555-555-5555. You get to pick the area code and exchange it for making it look like any existing number in your area.

For example, suppose I’m in San Francisco. In that case, I can create a 717 (area code for northeastern Pennsylvania) exchange and make it look like I’m actually in Harrisburg by entering the correct 717 area code.

Once I’ve created my phone number, I can use it in place of my cell phone number whenever I want. Any texts or calls sent to 555-555-5555 will be forwarded directly to my cell phone. If someone.

How can I get WhatsApp virtual number?

A WhatsApp virtual number is a phone number you can give people without giving out your phone number. You can also get rid of unwanted calls and messages from people you don’t want to give your actual number.

WhatsApp virtual number is perfect for anyone who:

Works in the service industry (e.g., doctor, lawyer, and accountant) and needs a reliable way to get in touch with their clients (not the other way around).

Anyone who wants to make sure their personal information remains private.

Someone who gets too many unwanted messages, calls, or SMS.

How do I get one? Currently, only mobile numbers with the country code of India are supported. However, WhatsApp will soon be launching support for more countries.

To get a WhatsApp virtual number, you must go to, enter your mobile number and click on “Confirm.”

A 6-digit verification code will then be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number. Once you enter the code into the site and click “Verify.



If you look around, there are many ways to get an internet phone number. For example, you can use a VoIP company, Cable Company, or even your cell phone provider. In addition, several services will provide you with an internet phone number over email.

Hopefully, you’ll have found the perfect solution for your home or office phone needs. However, if there’s one thing to take away from this guide, many options are available, and all of them will suit different purposes.

So don’t let anyone tell you that they only work on one type of service – they can work anywhere.

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